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Toddler injury

Submitted 21-Jan-12 by

Maureen Russo, Instructor, Iowa

Keywords: fast aid, cut

Last night my daughter called to tell me that her daughter, age 21 months, had just fallen off the couch and smacked her left cheek into the corner of an end table; It had cut the cheek and was bleeding. Would I please begin Fast Aid?

I could hear my granddaughter bawling in the background and was concerned about the possible need to go to the emergency room for stitches. We live about 15 min away in good weather and since we'd had a snow storm, it would have been more like 30 min. Ugh.

I began Fast Aid immediately using my husband as a surrogate. 10 min. later (thank you cell phones for timing) my daughter called. No screaming on the other end. Her daughter was calm and smiling as long as her cheek was not being dabbed to deal with blood. She was refusing a bandaid. My daughter had cleaned the wound with soap and water and was wiping the blood away as best as possible.

I continued Fast Aid for about 5 min. Then called my son-in-law in California who continued Fast Aid while I did a detailed session on her. The attached photo was about 30 min. after the injury.

We continued Fast Aid intermittently throughout the night distantly, at least until the California folk went to bed.

When my granddaughter woke this a.m. there was absolutely NO bruising. When she came over around 11, she was as cute and playful as ever. I was still somewhat concerned with it though and had my neighbor, a doctor, check it out. She said it would not have been able to have been stitched and seem to be closing well on its own.


By the way, my granddaughter was the "Poster Child" for my Access class today!

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