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Puppy and BodyTalk for Animals

Submitted 06-Aug-12 by

John, Client, South Africa

Keywords: animals

26 July 2012 I was introduced to Body Talk for Animals by a client; she went on the courses and was ecstatic with the outcome. I did some research and was Divinely guided to meet Arjen Faanhof. I was quite sceptical as the last animal therapist/whisperer/healer was someone who did not return my calls, had issues with my pets; she could not be bothered and had a chip on her shoulder. I decided to make an appointment to see Arjen Faanhof, we arranged a time and all was set. I was hesitant at the start, as my puppy is my baby and had many bad and abusive experiences within the first six months of his life, I adopted him after he was abandoned for the third time. I arrived at her beautiful centre in Centurian out in the country side yet so close to the city.

Arjen arrived and greeted me; we went into her consulting room. I was asked to get onto the therapy bed and then Arjen energetically connected to my puppy through me as a proxy, Arjen Faanhof began to work her speciality. She began to give me a diagnosis of my puppy, something she would have never known as she never knew me, my family or friends. She went on with his entire life what were the issues at hand, where it all went wrong, how it came about, what was the way forward. I knew from her diagnosis she was absolutely spot on. That gave me the confidence 'we' were in perfect hands.

Arjen picked up things the vet shared with me I never shared with anyone, she picked up how his previous owners treated him. Arjen described his likes – traits and all. Especially his mannerisms and characteristics, Arjen Faanhof explained everything. As the sessions for little pup began they started transforming puppy, puppy has begun healing his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds.

Everyday especially after every session there are definitely changes and they are for the positive, he has not regressed. I highly recommend Arjen for anyone who has any animal who needs physical, mental, emotional and healing on their sprit. After abuse any animal or human has scaring situated on some or all these levels, when they are rectified and the healing is ignited, self activated healings occur. This brings alignment to the harmonious self, this is what I am seeing with my best friend, and every session is an amazing work of wonders. THANK YOU! Arjen Faanhof for all you have done for my pup, best friend and God's blessing.

John, Johannesburg, South Africa

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