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Eating Problem

Submitted 15-Sep-12 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Client, United States

Keywords: eating problem, eating disorder, indigestion, digestion problem

In the last few weeks, I developed an eating problem. Here's what happened. I've been giving myself almost daily BodyTalk sessions and doing meditation practices for three years. This has allowed me to make a lot of spiritual progress. During this time, I've been drawn to vegetarianism, eating much less, and fasting from time to time. In this way, without any special effort, I lost about 25 extra pounds, and then lost an additional 15 pounds. I like being thin so this was no problem to me.

However, in the last few weeks, eating more than the tiniest amounts started giving me indigestion. I had to stop jogging and even walking as I didn't have enough physical energy. My husband was getting very worried, and I was starting to worry also.

Lauren Brim gave me a BodyTalk session to address what was going on. During the session, I could feel that profound changes were occurring. It appears that I had lost balance between spiritual development and maintaining physical health. Immediately after the session, I was able to eat a piece of fruit with no indigestion. I've been eating small but regular meals since that session last week. I've also gone dancing and taken several walks.

At the same time, I'm continuing with BodyTalk sessions on myself and others. I'm looking forward to starting up jogging again while continuing on my spiritual path in a more balanced way.

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