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Bladder pain disappears - balance restored

Submitted 09-Jun-15 by

Terry Greig, Practitioner, Cape Town, South Africa

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For the last 5 months I felt discomfort in my bladder. It was a bruised feeling when I pressed on my abdomen, with a burning sensation in my bladder. Drinking lots of water would be the only way of ameliorating the symptoms. If I did not drink enough water it would turn into a burning pain, with symptoms similar to cystitis. After the doctor could find no trace of an infection in either my bladder or kidneys, I went on to try acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, Chinese medicine, and herbal remedies, but with no relief of the symptoms. I eventually went to see Terry for BodyTalk and after one session my symptoms disappeared. 24 hours later I could only feel a couple of twinges in my bladder and 48 hours later no discomfort whatsoever. Besides not having pain or discomfort, I also don't have to plan my day around drinking water anymore. Every where I went I had to think how long I would be, how much water to take with me, or where can I get water, if I didn't have any on me. Only now do I realize how the pain and constant drinking of water controlled my life for the last 5 months and how debilitating it was. And although drinking water sounds trivial, it is liberating not having to worry about pain or water 24 hours a day. Thank you BodyTalk!

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