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Distance BodyTalk Session

Submitted 28-Apr-16 by

Charlene Cooper, Member, San Ramon, CA

Keywords: bodytalk, dog, horse, cat, distant session, animal

"My handsome, super sweet 11-1/2 year old PitBull, Tyson, was diagnosed with a terminal mast cell tumor. I was searching for a miracle cure when I called Charley. I had discovered the possibility of a telephone session on her website. For the first session she had me send her some pictures of Tyson, specifically of his face and the tumor present on his muzzle and asked me just to spend the next forty-five minutes with him in a calm environment. She then called me back and revealed information about myself and my pooch that shocked me with its detail, clarity and accuracy. She mentioned a problem with his rear leg which also had a m.c.t. previously removed in addition to his abdomen, where his spleen was removed at 5 years old. Now confident in her abilities and her peaceful and joyful spirit, which you can't help but feel, we scheduled another session. During the second session she went into deeper details of the internal chemistry affecting Tyson in lengthy detail! Also, she pointed out things about myself, my feelings and emotions, and how they were relating to Tyson, who was internalizing my anxiety and sadness pertaining to his prognosis. We agreed to converse again in a few days. The third session, three days later, involved me getting in the right place, emotionally and mentally, so that I could put him in a better place. Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending. Tyson was euthanized at home with my wife and four boys present. It occurred three weeks after diagnosis at the oncologist's office. We went for walks those last three weeks, rode in my truck, and he ate well until two days before his death. Charley helped Tyson and me cope so well that we enjoyed a happiness and bonding until his final breath. I am so grateful to Charley for helping me to enjoy him with a clarity and understanding that I am sure would not have happened otherwise. If anyone would like to talk with me for further details of my experience with Charley and distance BodyTalk sessions, please call me at 412-655-1743. What a gift you are Charley!" Touched us in Pennsylvania, ~Pete G. Pittsburgh, PA

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