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Improved, memory, cognitive abilities, patience/mental stamina, overall emotional balance.

Submitted 07-Aug-13 by

Jordan Keenan, Student, USA, San Diego, CA


On Wed 6/19/13 I received an Intensive treatment from John Veltheim. I mentioned some character defects (insatiable sexual desire & relationships based on emotional intrigue), traumatic early child hood life events, and reduced short term memory compared with before due to a severe concussion in 2002. A month and a half later; I've noticed my memory capacity has returned to what it was before the severe concussion in 2002. A new development after the treatment is that when I deal with people's negative emotions; and situations that used to send me into deep anxiety – I can evaluate the situation calmly and patiently work through the situation until it is resolved. I have more confidence, and can remain strong in situations that I used to hide from. In one month and a half I've gone through a major personality change for the better, with improved cognitive abilities. I've also noticed that my sexual desire is at a reasonable level now; and I'm not getting into relationships that are imbalanced. Thank you John Veltheim; your treatment has reduced a significant amount of suffering in my life, dramatically improved confidence, and increased capacity to follow through on positive endeavors.

With Gratitude, Jordan Keenan

Technical stuff not for the testimonial – Just extra information about the treatment. From what I remember John Veltheim said the part of my brain called the Cingulate Gyrus was stuck in the maximum mode whenever dealing with Emotions; but was working normally for physical pain. He reset it to normal. He found the lesions on my brain from the concussion (in the correct spot I would guess they were, based on the MRI);So he did a defrag on those lesions (to break them up and dissipate them). He also mentioned working on the Amygdala (somehow related to the Cingulate Gyrus). For my heart he noticed a slightly irregular beat due to it getting twisted a bit (probably from a traumatic emotional event); So he untwisted my heart. John said he set up the session to run when I get triggered doing things like watching TV. He said the process would take one month, and asked me to do Corticies for 2 weeks.

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