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Severe persistent 3 week headache

Submitted 01-Sep-09 by

Taryn Edge, Instructor, Durban, South Africa

Keywords: severe persistent headaches, severe persistent headache

Whilst I was up in Johannesburg for the weekend, I was sitting in the sunshine by the pool, when my boyfriend's cousin's friend, Melissa said she had been battling with severe constant headaches for 3 weeks, and was taking strong pain killers that were not helping.

I did a BodyTalk session on her, and immediately after I had finished, she was so surprised, she actually swore, and said the pain was gone. She has not had one headache since, (in the last week), not taken one more pain killer, and canceled the cat scan the doctors suggested she have, as nothing was alleviating them.

The underlying cause, as revealed through the BodyTalk session, was a big emotional relationship upset 4 weeks prior, where the boyfriend she had just gotten back together with, she found out he was engaged, the fiance' had called her, ...

We needed to clear the effect that upset had had on her, as well as help clear the fear of falling in love in the future, and a fear of it not being safe to love...

BodyTalk works miracles!

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