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Severe Anxiety

Submitted 24-Nov-16 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: anxiety

Hello World,

I need to share with you my story of recovery, and my unbelievable journey through the most severe downs I have ever experienced whilst living on this earth. At the end of April 2016, I graduated from the Bachelor of Interior Design program from College. It was a four-year degree program, which by the end of it nearly killed me. Not only this, but my grandmother and my best friend from High School passed away in March 2016, which made finishing my degree nearly impossible. I moved back in with my parents in the beginning of May 2016. All of the emotional stress, mental anxieties, deepest despairs about life and even the questioning of my own existence was able to rise to the surface and consume my entire being. I had always been a confident, happy-go-lucky, dedicated individual. But after I moved home I didn't even know who I was anymore. I would sit for hours, blankly staring out the window asking myself "Why am I here? What am I good for? What is the point?". I would wake up in the morning and pull the blankets back over my head and will myself back to sleep, because being asleep was better than feeling the black emptiness in my chest and in my mind. I had therapy once a week for a while for my depression and anxieties. But every time I went, I just talked about my problems, things I was confused about, questioning why no one wanted to help me until I realized that talking about my problems didn't help. I was just reinforcing the negative aspects in my life and I didn't have any idea how to tackle them. I was terrified to get a job. I was scared to leave the house. I couldn't even answer my phone if it started ringing because I couldn't remember how to properly communicate and form sentences with people, not even my closest friends. I had given up. I was ready to say "Goodbye World!" and disappear forever.

At this point, I was desperate to try anything to keep me going, and it just so happened that Body Talk then came into my life. My first session date was on July 29th, 2016 and every two weeks after that I would have a session with my Body Talk Practitioner. At the beginning I didn't really feel any different. I was skeptical every time I went, questioning if it was really worth my time or if the strange methods she was using were actually doing anything helpful. It started very slowly. I began teaching myself to take deep breathes into my belly, I started taking five minutes of my time in the morning and at night to concentrate on these breathes and slowly but surely I began to feel different. Every session I would tell my Body Talk Practitioner about my week, and then I would hop up on the table and she would ask me questions whilst tapping on various parts of my body. The questions were nothing I could have expected. They had hardly any relation to how I was actually feeling at the time, but little by little my body and mind began to realize how all of the ties were connected and how every piece of the puzzle fit together to create an even bigger picture than I thought I had. I started practicing a mixture of meditation and the Cortices technique on myself which is a Body Talk Access technique used to connect both sides of the brain hemispheres allowing it to wake up and start functioning at its proper level of activity. A few weeks after that I felt a strange change over myself, something that I couldn't put my finger on. I started feeling lighter, the stresses of anxiety and depression slowly lifting off my mind and heart. I decided to take the Body Talk Access day course in Toronto and after I learned and applied all of those techniques into my life and fully accepted my Body Talk sessions, a grand shift happened. I started jumping, literally jumping, out of bed in the morning. I felt alive and full of passion and energy! Any outer negativity produced by other people or my environment started bouncing off me, like I was wearing some kind of bad jubbies repellant. If someone had asked me five months ago "will you ever be happy again?" I would have said no. Yet here I am. I can't STOP smiling now. I feel confident, I feel ready for the world, and best of all I know who I am. I now have a part-time job that I know I can complete to my fullest capabilities and am working towards taking the Body Talk Fundamentals course to become a certified Body Talk Practitioner, and who knows, maybe even more! All it took was a little bit of courage, a smidge of open-mindedness and a dash of hope to use the tools that Body Talk has given me to get where I am today. And this place is truly glorious.

E. November 2016

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