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Submitted 26-Apr-17 by

Nancy Briggs, Practitioner, Sutton West, Ontario

Keywords: anxiety, ptsd

Testimonial- Body Talk To: Nancy Briggs In 1996 I went through a very traumatic situation and was diagnosed with PTSD. Unfortunately at the time the psychologist did not share a lot of information with me as to how serious of a condition this was or even a clinical explanation, only offering "talk therapy". With the situation that I was in at the time, I had to relocate and start my entire life over, looking for work and a place to live, dealing with everything on my own not having much information about PTSD or even knowing where to go for help. I did try counseling over the years but again it was mostly "talk therapy and suggestions for self-help books which I poured over trying to make sense of the outcome of my situation and why I was feeling the way I was. I constantly felt alone and that I really should just deal with life feeling this way and try and plow through. I became really good at not letting anyone know of or see the emotional pain that I was in and carried on with life feeling like I was putting one foot in front of the other to just survive. I had lost any sense of joy, hope, optimism and happiness. Again keeping it to myself and putting on a brave face to the world as I really did not have any support system at the time and did not want to be judged. I somehow was disconnected with my old self who in the past was a total happy head before my diagnosis. Somehow there was a small seed of hope in me that I would someday return to the old me but confused as to how that was going to happen. By 2006 I was starting to lose the ability to cope with work stress, dealing with the onset of menopause, loneliness, lack of support and I started to spiral into suicidal thoughts. I was actually finding comfort in the fact that I could end it all and finally there would be some relief. I decided to open up to a friend about how I was feeling and she convinced me to see my family doctor. I was diagnosed with chronic depression and my PTSD had escalated. I was living in a constant state of uncontrollable fear, anxiety, hopelessness and total exhaustion. The doctor prescribed medication and suggested he put me on a permanent disability. I started a business instead. Somehow deep down I knew that if I kept searching, I could eventually get past this. I tried medication for a short period of time and it did help a bit as I slowly started to crawl out of this state. I started to delve into my spirituality even more, searching for healing. I tried hobbies, exercise, diet change, homeopathics, you name it, I tried it. I would continually have bouts of PTSD without any given notice. A sharp noise, an angry client, an unfortunate situation, a betrayal, a mistake I made etc. I tried my best to manage my illness by identifying my PTSD triggers, avoiding certain toxic relationships, reading positive motivational books, diet change, meditation, yoga and prayer. All of it helped to some degree for the short term and only short term. Out of the blue, I would have a "bout" again. Sometimes it would take me a day and sometimes longer to crawl out of. I felt at least I had some "tools" to work with to keep me functioning at some level all the while wishing that I could just be my old self again. I was increasingly becoming weary and tired and the thought of completely healing PTSD was now becoming a pipe dream that was far reaching yet I still had that little glint of hope that maybe, just maybe there would be a cure. In November of 2016 I had another "bout" of PTSD. This time it wasn't going away. I tried to mitigate it by "keeping busy". I lost interest in going to the gym. I was losing the ability to sleep with my thoughts racing, heart palpitations, feelings of overwhelming fear and unable to focus on my work. I thought I was totally losing it. I couldn't even figure out what the trigger was! By December 2016, my PTSD had escalated to the point where I could not even embrace the holiday season. I couldn't even find the energy or focus to cook Christmas dinner. My husband knew that it was serious. He indicated to me...."you are just pushing through aren't you"? I was desperate at this point and tried to call my medical doctor who was away on holiday and did not have an apt. available unit late January. I thought, maybe I should go to emergency as was getting really concerned. I felt like a caged animal. I finally reached out to my homeopath who felt it could have been a slip in my diet and the fact that I was overworked. He gave me a remedy but still there was no relief. I was getting really scared and tried to reach out again to my medical doctor and still no appt till the end of Jan. As chance would have it, my cleaning lady was scheduled Dec 28th. She noticed my obvious state and suggested "Body Talk". I reached out and left a voicemail to Nancy Briggs. Being the holiday season I was not expecting a call back but got one anyway.

This was the day my whole life changed and my journey with "Body Talk" began. Nancy shared information over the phone regarding the "amygdala" in the brain and how it controls the response to fear. She shared with me the positive results that she had with this modality, and asked me to try it for 4-6 sessions to see if I felt a difference. This gave me hope. My first appt was January 12th and Nancy worked with me for 1 ½ hours. The information that she got from my body was astounding. Nancy went right back into my childhood and told me things that I had not shared with her. I felt relief for the first time. We scheduled my next appt for January 26th and I recall that after my treatment I was able to come home and work on a project that required a great deal of concentration and I was able to get it out on time. We had scheduled an appt for the next two weeks but I had a set back and e-mailed Nancy so we booked an appt for Jan 31st. Nancy taught me more about my condition in three sessions than I had learned in 20 years. She shared how my brain was programmed from when I was an infant as I was born to a mother who did not want another child and suffered with abuse because of that. She said it was possible to change subconscious thoughts that were imbedded for a very long time. I was still a little shaky but much better so I scheduled another visit on Feb 07. Nancy kept working through all of the issues that my body and brain had locked in and kept me from healing. I could feel the release happening with every treatment. I had my fourth treatment on Feb. 17th and this time I could feel a significant shift in my thinking and a sense of well-being. All the while I would learn something new from Nancy about how my body was releasing this state with the work she was doing. March 10th was my 5th appt and by this time I felt I no longer had PTSD. March 28th was my 6th appt and although we are still working on minor things, my whole life has taken a change. April 11th was an appt for a checkup and I KNOW that my PTSD is gone. Each session became shorter and shorter and the wisdoms and healing that I have experienced with Nancy Briggs and "Body Talk" is immeasurable. I sleep well, I am no longer afraid, in fact, I have expanded my business and hired two people. I feel that confident now. Each day I feel more of a connection to myself and the world around me. I am happier, more at peace and excited about the future. I cannot express in words the gift that this has been to me. My husband is noticing a huge shift in my positivity and actually left his job to work with me full time! Each day is getting better and better. I am back to exercising and the peace that has come over me cannot be described in words. I am so grateful for Nancy Briggs and "Body Talk". Nancy is a special person, intuitive and a gifted BodyTalk practitioner as well. I will continue to go for tune ups when needed. Trust me.. this works! I am living proof.

Submitted by client from Ontario, Canada- April 26/2017

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