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BodyTalk Takes Health to A Whole New Level

Submitted 03-Nov-09 by

Candace Tarr, Practitioner, Yorkton, Sk.

Keywords: self-healing health energy symptoms major improvements

I am finding BodyTalk to be a very exciting form of energy health care. What that means is my sessions/treatments are harnessing my body's self-healing abilities to fix itself. BodyTalk is teaching me that my subconscious mind and my thinking, emotions, worries, concerns, past traumas, etc, are all having a large impact on my health now.

My husband and I were having constant health problems and were becoming disillusioned with western medicine, it's lack of results, quality and side effects. As a result, over the past few years we've turned to a lot of alternative health care providers. Naturopaths, nutripaths, homeopathy and acupuncture - we've done it all - often with very satisfying (very expensive) results. Body Talk takes my health care to a whole new level. It's adjusting not only my sick organs but my out of balance emotions, thinking and behaviours that are affecting my health in more ways than I ever thought possible, all without pills, herbs, drops, needles, lots of traveling and great expense. Candace is a very caring, very conscientious, knowledgeable BodyTalk practitioner that I am so grateful to have found. She's helping me to see myself, and my health in a whole new light. Each BodyTalk session with her is a delight. Educational, insightful, she is a natural caregiver. She loves the health changes she accomplishes in her clients with Body Talk and it shows, in her enthusiasm and demeanor.

After 2 sessions my energy levels were higher than they'd been in months, I was feeling wonderful, lots of my symptoms/complaints either gone, or greatly diminished. Unfortunately, because of my new found well being/energy, I overextended myself, landed up sick and in bed. I asked Candace for an "emergency" session to see what Body Talk could do for me. By the next day I felt major improvements in many ways, with Body Talk hopefully I can avoid being on antibiotics (again!). Too soon to tell for sure. Body Talk is extremely effective and safe - no side effects. Now, instead of feeling like I'm always behind in my health, trying to fix problems with all sorts of remedies, I feel like I can keep ahead of them. Again, time will tell. I cannot recommend BodyTalk enough - whatever problems a person may have. Name available upon request.

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