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Cortices How To (6:21)

Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk Founder, describes and demonstrates the Cortices Technique, which balances the brain and stimulates the body's self-healing potential.

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MindScape Presentation (1:25:45)

This is an introduction to the powerful intuition-building MindScape course with Senior Instructor Kristin Pierce.

MindScape IBA

Cortices (0:35)

A brief introduction to the theory behind the BodyTalk Cortices technique.

BodyTalk IBA

What is BodyTalk? (8:40)

Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System, talks about how and why this consciousness based health care system sets itself apart from other modalities and why it is so effective.

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BodyTalk Dr. John Veltheim

Concept of Diagnosis (7:53)

Diagnosis is more then just a label. Dr. Velthiem discusses the need for a true and complete diagnosis that looks at the root of the problem, not just the superficial symptoms, and how The BodyTalk System achieves this.

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BodyTalk Dr. John Veltheim

BodyTalk Communication (0:46)

The basics of the BodyTalk communication protocol. Voice by Esther Veltheim

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