Welcome to the 2011 IBA Members' conference.

"In the quiet hours when we are alone and there is nobody to tell us what fine fellows we are, we come sometimes upon a moment in which we wonder, not how much money we are earning nor how famous we have become, but what good we are doing."
— A.A. Milne

When each of us considers our community we think about the people in our neighborhoods, our healthcare practices, our place of business, our city, the groups we belong to, our child's school community, and the people we create a space with.

The Community Within
We can also consider the community within. In the neighborhood community of your organs, perhaps your liver is the neighborhood organizer who also occasionally yells at the kids when pass by on their walk home from school. Our heart throws the block parties, while our kidneys advocate for speed bumps on the streets and our spleen quietly keeps a watchful eye on everything that goes on from behind the crack in the curtains.

Our Community Matrix
This year's conference theme is Celebrating the Community. Which communities do you dedicate your time to improving? We know as BodyTalk™ Practitioners that our community matrix likely extends far beyond our own city or neighborhood limits. We see clients in person or by distance. We send them love and compassion in times of need, and open our hearts and hold a space for them to heal, recognize what their life can feel like when lived from the heart, and we are there to observe shifts taking place for their very highest good. Through our healing work and by seeking within, we all contribute to our community's subconscious and consciousness vibration.

IBA Community Outreach
At the IBA Offices:
* We're working with high school athletes, and area sports teams.
* We've even taught cortices to new moms and nursing moms.
* John's offering BodyTalk™ to the Big Cats - the retired Ringling Bros Circus animals
* We've painted tables, dug holes, and put up tents and much more as we helped with the upkeep at Jungle Gardens, a wildlife animal sanctuary (we wouldn't let John go dressed as Tarzan, of course, even though he said please)
* We are currently evaluating programs to teach Access to Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida, and young women's health awareness programs,
* We walked in the Diabetes walk-a-thon and provided a booth of information for the local community
* We've begun in-house training programs for our staff, we recently completed Access and now are scheduling Mod 1 & 2 to be taught over a several week period.

Global effects
We've all heard the phrase that was first reportedly coined by David Brower, founder of Friends of the Earth: "Think Globally. Act Locally." Never have these words seemed as important as they are now. This is a year where we've seen countless international disasters, have a healthcare political battle underway in the US and have seen some of the craziest weather across the world in remembered times. This time, more than ever - the world needs that space that we as consciousness-based practitioners can offer.

Why attend the conference
This year's members' conference offers great classes and seminars and community building with our BodyTalk™ sisters and brothers. We'll have a chance to reconnect with BodyTalk™ friends and meet the dozens of new people who've joined our tribe. New research is backing the benefits and effectiveness of BodyTalk™. We'll tell you all about it, and also update you on how we've taken great strides to get BodyTalk™ approved as a profession.

Here's what you'll gain personally and professionally when you attend the conference this year:

* Feel the support from others in the BodyTalk™ community
* Learn how to improve your business or bring in more clients and more students.
* Re-connect in person and add your beautiful energy to the matrix.

Here is your chance to:

Rejuvenate. Trade sessions. Swim in Mother Earth's beautiful ocean. Earthwalk in the sand. Get a tan. Dance. Laugh. Tap

Community outreach ideas
Ideas for Community Outreach using Your BodyTalk™ Knowledge and Skills
* Community Bodytalk™ clinics- offering sessions to low income or the elderly at a discounted price for a few hours per week
* Teach cortices to a classroom or a lockerroom full of kids or a roomful of moms
* Coordinate a BodyTalk™ Access class locally
* Offer a public talk to educate people about their bodies
By getting out into your community you'll help raise the awareness of BodyTalk™ and the way you feel will be priceless.

In what ways have you been able to give back to the community in which you live, thrive, and practice BodyTalk™?

We encourage you to send us your stories and pictures of you are Celebrating Your Community. We'll share your outreach efforts with our membership on the IBA site or you can share at the conference to be recognized for your achievements. Hearing your stories will keep us all mindful of our ability to help the world shift that can all begin with a single tap.

Conference at a glance

Check out all the details about what's going on during this year's Member Conference. Start by navigating this site using the links above.

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Keynote speakers: James L. Oschman, PH.D; Søren Ventegodt, M.D; and Nancy Werner, M.D

Venue: Beautiful Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort!

Classes: Finding Health II with Dr John Veltheim; Defining Holistic Healing with Søren Ventegodt, M.D