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Welcome to the 2013 IBA Members' conference.

Come join with us in connecting to our BodyTalk roots in Malta where the first BodyTalk classes were held in 1995. These last 17 years have yielded an immensely, rich, and passionate period of growth and wisdom for the IBA and it's members.

Recharge your BodyTalk batteries, dip your feet in the beautiful, blue Mediterranean and let your spirit mingle with the matrix of your peers. As we look back into the wisdom gained from our own past you will be surrounded by beautiful architecture and a culture steeped in a long and colorful history. Let your imagination soar as we visit the fascinating and unique, Megalithic Temples - the oldest free-standing structures on Earth.

This is a great opportunity to check off "the trip of a lifetime" from your bucket list.

The 5 Star Venue!

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Conference at a glance

Saturday 26th October
Instructors Conference
Meet and Greet

Sunday 27th October
Conference Begins!
Keynote: Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton
Punk Science and BodyTalk

Monday 28th October
Keynote: Matthew Newell
BodyTalk and Family Hope Centre Programme

Wilma Grobbelar/Dale Fox
BodyTalk in the Treatment of Cancer

Chris Veltheim/Melanie Buzek
IBA Update, Branding and Online Education

Tuesday 29th October
Keynote: Prof. Michael Zammit

Laura Stuve
BodyTalk and the DNA

John Veltheim
The Ethics of a BodyTalk Practitioner

Wednesday 30th October
Sightseeing (included)
See everything Malta has to offer with a guided tour of the island.

Thursday 31st October
Course: The Biophysical Mind
James L. Oschman PhD and John Veltheim

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