Gert Potgieter

Gert Potgieter



3 Gazelle Heights
54 Queens Avenue, Windsor East
Johannesburg ,
South Africa

Phone: 084 581 2593


Hello!  I`m an overqualified music teacher who loves my job!  I run my own music school in the beautiful suburb of Linden in Johannesburg, South Africa. For many years I realised that teaching music involves more than just learning to read music and play an instrument, but that sound have an extraordinary effect on the bodymind. Attending BodyTalk seminars deepened my understanding, love and appreciation for my craft!

I`ve attended and monitored the following seminars:  BodyTalk: Fundamentals,  BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness,  BodyTalk: Bio–Dynamics,  BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind, BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics; MindScape as well as attending BodyTalk Interactive with Dr John Veltheim and attending a Satsang with Esther Veltheim.  I qualified as a CBP in January 2008.

Although I do not a run a fulltime BodyTalk Clinic, the success that I had with clients goes beyond any human understanding! In short miracles happen! I’d like to highlight two case studies. One: My sisters’ daughter wet her bed up to the age of 12. Working with BodyTalk we addressed underlying anger issues.  After only two BodyTalk sessions there were no more bedwetting! Two: A friend of mine struggled to have children. In fact she had an abnormal series of miscarriages. Working with BodyTalk we addressed her fears of raising a child in South Africa. After three BodyTalk sessions she were pregnant again and the good news is, I attended the baptism of this child! 

Do yourself a huge favor and make an appointment for a BodyTalk session today!

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