Samarpini Nithya

Samarpini Nithya



4 Salt Hay Way


Phone: 3476830591



This work I do is my calling. The journey that empowered me to develop and recognize this calling also allowed me to recognize my authentic self. This journey enabled me to open my heart, my soul and the core of my being to others. My inner space and my listening to others becomes in itself a healing energy. When I listen I receive the blueprint of each person’s beliefs and I understand the key that will unlock their conflicts. 

I started on this quest to recover from emotional traumas, hampering addictions and the poor health that followed. I searched from one doctor to the next, from one therapist to another for many years. I felt that none of them addressed essential issues nor did they examine the necessary questions of self in relation to existence. Then I found BodyTalk.  It opened up a new world for me. I studied with its founder, Dr. John Veltheim. I learned that the principle of life lies in the understanding that everything is consciousness.  Even a stone is conscious! I had a desire to learn more. That led me to India where I was initiated by His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashiva, a great Yogi and enlightened being.  He is known the worldwide for his ability to bring people to health from the most severe circumstances and conditions.

Through years of study and training with His Holiness, both in India and the U.S., I grasped the essentials of the Sciences of Yoga. I have integrated all that He has given me. The Yogic sciences explain the nature of matter and the nature of energies.  I live its truths. I maintain a Sattvic lifestyle which allows the body to transmit high frequency energies. I meditate and practice yogic breathing which maintains the energy that I received in India. I live the life of a Yogi. Because of the development of my heightened senses and acute intuition, I have the ability to bring people into deep meditative states. They are able to get in touch with their own intuition and knowing. 

My calling is to offer the blessings that I received. What has taken me many years to heal, will happen for you at a much quicker pace. 

Samarpini’s Certifications & Credentials

* Founder of Whole Conscious Living d/b/a Samarpini

* Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

 (Modules 1 through 9, PaRama 1, Constellations, Mindscape

* Creator of The Process in Trust Love & Well Being

* Transformational Vedic Counselor  

* Insight Alchemist

* Meditation Guide                                               

* RYT 200 Iyengar, Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga

* Teacher of Ancient Kriyas, Yoga & Pranayam

* Teacher (Acharya) Transformational Chakra Workshops using

  Vedic Psychology & Sciences

* Ordained Nithya Healer

* Ordained Nithya Yoga Acharya "Yoga for Enlightenment"

* Ordained Nithya Acharya (Teacher)

* Continued studies in Yogic Science Techniques at Nithyananda University, Bangalore India




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