BodyTalk as a Career

Many Certified BodyTalk Practitioners are licensed practitioners in other professions and have integrated BodyTalk into their practice. Still others (including acupuncturists, chiropractors, MDs, and physical therapists) now practice BodyTalk almost exclusively, because the results are better and faster. BodyTalk, being integrative with any other profession, easily allows the practitioner to bring in any knowledge or training they have had so that all of their tools are most efficiently used to speed the healing process.

There are also many CBPs who do not have a healthcare background to begin with, but have chosen BodyTalk for other reasons. There are engineers, lawyers, financiers and accountants as well as lay people who have decided to pursue BodyTalk as a career and are quite successful in a professional practice. The BodyTalk System practitioner training is self-contained, so that even with little background in anatomy and physiology, you will learn everything you need to know through the IBA coursework. The IBA always, however, encourages continuing outside education and Advanced CBPs are required to have completed the equivalent of a college-level A & P course.

Being a Certified BodyTalk practitioner is a way to build a professional practice that fits into your life, however you would like it to. Whether full-time, part-time or just for friends and family, the training and perspective you will gain with the International BodyTalk Association will change the way you look at healthcare forever.

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