IBA Membership and Benefits

The International BodyTalk Association and The BodyTalk System are internationally recognized, with Members and Instructors in more than 30 countries. Membership continues to grow rapidly as BodyTalk is known as a cutting-edge mind-body-consciousness healing modality. As membership grows, the IBA is able to provide more services and support to its Members. The main benefit of IBA Membership is to provide educational backing and provide the distinction of being affiliated with a professional, centralized, international association. One of the IBA's many functions is to assist in promoting and evolving The BodyTalk, BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall Systems for your own personal BodyTalk practice.

Join now or renew and become a part of the exciting International BodyTalk Association community.

There are currently four classes of IBA Membership:

Access Level Life Science Level Standard Level Practicing Level
You Must complete only the Access Course - no other IBA course. To join this level, you must complete one of the following courses: Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals, MindScape, FreeFall or BreakThrough 1 To join this level, you must complete one of the following courses: Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals, MindScape, or BreakThrough 1 This membership requires a Standard Membership plus you must pass the Certified Practitioner exam.
Key Benefits:
With Access Membership you'll get access to our discussion forum, be able to attend biannual conference and receive weekly newsletters and member-only updates.
Key Benefits:
This mid level membership gives you the ability to monitor the life sciences courses for 50% off the list price.
Key Benefits:
This mid level membership gives you the ability to take advanced courses and to take the Fundamentals exam to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Plus, re-monitors are entitled to a 75% off the list price.
Key Benefits:
At this level, you are authorized to use CBP designation, logo libraries are available for use in your literature, you are given a website listing, and the ability to purchase products in bulk. Plus, re-monitors are entitled to a 75% off the list price.

Membership Comparison Chart

The chart below outlines the basic direct benefits received through the IBA for your annual membership dues. There are many other benefits you receive indirectly, such as networking with all the other IBA Members, belonging to a fabulous community of like-minded and focused individuals, and being part of the energy matrix of the International BodyTalk Association. By belonging to this organization you will find that your sessions go deeper and are more effective, as you are supporting the very organization that supports you through your growth as a student, practitioner and human being.

Benefits Offered Access Life Science Standard Practicing
Attend Biennial Members Conference Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to take Advanced Courses No Yes* Yes Yes
Bulk Discounts on Many Products No No No Yes
Access to Discussion Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
IBA Newsletter Database Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bi-Weekly Newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes
IBA Member-specific Newsletters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use of Logos in Marketing No No No Yes
Customized Business Cards and Ads No No No Yes
Use of the Media Sharing Site No Yes Yes Yes
List Bio on Practitioner Search Page No No No Yes
Re-take any course for 75% off list price No No Yes Yes

*Restrictions apply to Advanced BodyTalk seminars.

The Benefits of IBA Membership:

  • Production of a bi-weekly newsletter
  • Production of a Welcome Packet for members
  • The ability for the IBA to offer seminars at a discounted rate and to re-take courses at a further, monitor discount
  • Website support that enables:
    • Members access to the forum allowing members to converse with each other within the IBA matrix
    • Members to order products online
    • Members to view all course offerings and register for desired courses
    • Members to download charts, forms and training materials
    • Members to view all their activities:
      • course history,
      • order history,
      • CEU hours earned,
      • upcoming courses they are registered for,
      • payment balance links,
      • course certificates
    • Members access to media sharing site
    • The IBA to maintain a CBP database so one can find a practitioner in their local community
    • Instructors to see what course requests have been posted
    • Instructors to list their seminars to the membership matrix
  • Translation of some materials into other selected, languages
  • John and Esther the ability to evolve the BodyTalk system by researching and producing new courses and products whilst also updating existing material
  • The IBA the ability to offer seminars via LiveStream so members can view courses from the comfort of their own home and save on travel and associated costs
  • Researching, evaluating and implementing new technology that benefits the IBA matrix
  • Toll free access to "live" support staff to address and any issues or questions members have
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