Julia Morel

Julia Morel

BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, CBP


Riverview Medical Clinic


Phone: +673 869 2764


With over 20 years’ experience working in natural healthcare as a U.K. trained and registered Osteopath, Julia Morel has led the development of Osteopathy and integrated wellbeing solutions in Brunei Darussalam, South East Asia, for the last ten years. Her passion has always been to work one-on-one with clients for their own unique and individual under-standing of their body, and to support its natural ability to heal during sessions.

She offers specialized treatment for the care of all adults, newborn babies, musculoskeletal balancing for women pre-, during and post-pregnancy, physical integration for children of differing ages for developmental, physical and emotional stages of life. She enjoys helping them explore their best potential for health, wellbeing and performance goals as well as for preventative health.

Sessions with Julia are individual to each client and are a collaboration of Osteopathic approaches from Biodynamic and Cranial Osteopathy, to structural, visceral and lymphatic techniques and BodyTalk. She supports the client in their own communication with their body and helps them move with freedom and ease using this unique multidisciplinary approach.

Throughout her career, Julia has developed and employed her expertise and know-how to help unlock trauma in the body, especially post-whiplash, surgery, injury and with emotional imbalances often as a result of stress. She has worked with patients dealing with more long-term conditions such as chronic fatigue, neurological problems and unexplained symptoms. Julia offers unique insight into how health can be impacted and helps the client dis-cover their own pathway to healing.

More recently, she has synthesised her Osteopathic practice with BodyTalk. Within this framework and huge potential for healing at deeper levels of the body and mind (such as habits, beliefs and influences from the persons’ environment), clients are often surprised at how spontaneously the body can make connections and balance.  

In the exciting and developing world of Equine and Canine Osteopathy and BodyTalk for Animals, Julia has offered consultations for animals and their owners and has witnessed remarkable and often very insightful results.

BodyTalk has allowed Julia’s practice to evolve to successfully incorporate remote sessions to clients worldwide, in addition to in-person appointments locally. 

Please email julesmorel22@gmail.com or contact her on +673 869 2764 for bookings.
Riverview Medical Clinic, 
Brunei Darussalam

BodyTalk courses completed:
Modules 1, 2, 3, 6, 4/7, 9,
Fundamentals Integration, MindScape, Advanced MindScape, Beyond Technique: Professionalism-Art of Practice, BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk for Animals, Access for Animals.

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner: 2020

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