Marian Price

Marian Price



Home Health Massage
Nassau & Suffolk Counties in NY
Office --Yaphank, NY 11980

Phone: 631-345-2535


As soon as I heard the words " BodyTalk"  I knew instinctively it was something very unique and  powerful. 

My experiences with the  BodyTalk System both professionally and personally have been profound!  After many years as a health field professional the addition of BodyTalk to my practice helped to create a more dynamic and powerful system that has helped my clients, friends and family achieve higher and better states of wellness physically and psychologically. What an extraordinary gift! 

My health professional education began in 1977 as a Chiropractic Technician at  Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. In 1983 I studied at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and became liscenced in New York. My services include the different styles of massage such as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Athletic, Pre and Post Natal. I have also studied Aromatherapy and the Aroma Touch Technique - powerful tools that enhance each individual session. I use the highest quality certified pure essential oils from the world renowned company "doTerra." My BodyTalk studies and education began in 2002 **

Within my practice, I also apply the Acutonics Sound Healing System. The use of tuning forks calibrated to the sound frequencies of the planets accelerates the healing  process at the cellular level. With innate's direction they are placed on speciific meridian points. .


Private consultations and sessions can be arranged at my office or  your home, place of work, or even a hospital room.  BodyTalk's unique system of energetic healing isn't limited by time and space. Many people find it more convenient and just as effective to have sessions with me on the phone, thru Face-Time or Zoom.

To schedule your appointment please call or text:
Office #1- 631-345-2535     Cell # 1-516-972-9815


** My BodyTalk education began in 2002 and consists of the following Modules and training sessions:

BT Fundamentals (Module 1 & 2), Bio-Dynamics ( Module 4 & 7) and Brain Specifics.  I continued to expand my knowledge of the brain, the mind and the physical body using as my guiding principal that everything is connected to everything else.  My studies continued with Principles of Consciousness, Macrocosmic BodyMind & Matrix Dynamics (Modules 3,6,9) Then I went on to the Right Brain Practical, Body Chemistry Specifics, Mindscape, Pa Rama BodyTalk 1, Breakthrough 1 & 2, Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers and  PaRama College Unit 1.Today I am an ongoing student of PaRama Unit 2.

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