Janna Glasman

Janna Glasman

PCP/EMT, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, BAT, CBP


Refresh Massage Studio and Spa
35 Smith St. W
Yorkton, SK S3N 0H9

Phone: 306-783-1370


Janna has always enjoyed working with people and doing what she can to help others. She has a background in Emergency Medicine as a Primary Care Paramedic and has had various jobs working with people. After discovering BodyTalk, she was intrigued and very drawn to become a practitioner herself. Janna feels that she has finally found a system that she really resonates with and eagerly continues to expand her knowledge of the BodyTalk System. She loves working with people of all ages, as well as animals, and is excited to have found a profession where she can work with both groups while doing something she feels so passionate about. Janna has been practicing BodyTalk since February of 2007 and is the leading Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in Yorkton and area. She has witnessed significant improvements with various aspects of her clients’ health including anxiety, depression, allergies, stress relief, sports performance, Autism, chronic pain, sleep disorders, pregnancy, childbirth, Multiple Sclerosis, general emotional/wellbeing concerns, plus so much more. She has also seen incredible improvements with the animals (dogs, cats, and horses) she’s treated both on physical and behavioural/emotional levels. She is continually impressed with the results she sees and loves every aspect of The BodyTalk System. Janna’s current training includes BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk: Fundamentals, Fundamental Integration, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A & P, Macrocosmic BodyMind, BodyTalk for Animals, Matrix Dynamics, and Structural Integration for BodyTalkers. She has also completed MindScape, Advanced MindScape, Freefall, Breakthrough I & II, and Breakthrough Steps Intensive, Founder's Treatment Intensive, Finding Health 1, Finding Health 2, and Eastern Medicine. She is working on her PaRama College Unit 1. 
Janna also has expanded her practice and learning completing her Reiki Level II certification and is a certified yoga instructor. Janna has also completed SourcePoint Level 1, VOILA Method for structural joint balancing, and is a Franklin Method Level II Instructor. 

Janna decided to take her passion for The BodyTalk System to another level and has become certified as a BodyTalk Access Trainer. Using the routine herself and on her family regularly, she saw first-hand the benefits with improved immune systems, greatly improved stress management, decreased healing times, improved mental clarity and focus, an easy and very effective way to help with the regular bumps and bruises that occur, and a decrease in doctor visits and prescriptions. Recognizing the potential and the need for such an incredible tool that people can use to help themselves, she became eager to share it with others. Janna currently has a clinic location at Refresh Massage Studio and Spa in Yorkton. Janna is also available for Remote/Distance sessions if you are unable to attend your session in person. She would like to welcome anyone who would like to register for an upcoming workshop, to book a session, or with any questions they may have, to contact her by phone 306-621-4417 or by email at janna.glasman@yahoo.ca. To book a session at her clinic location please call 306-783-1370.
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