Nancy Briggs

Nancy Briggs

Thera. Touch, Reiki,, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


Long Distance Sessions provided Globally
, ON

Phone: 905-722-8856


Nancy became acquainted with BodyTalk in November 2001. She had a previous background in Energy work being involved with Therapeutic Touch and Reiki and was intrigued with the BodyTalk System and the depth of the shifts she was seeing in people who had experienced only a few sessions.


In January 2003, she became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and member of the International BodyTalk Association.  She feels honoured to have clients share their stories and to be able to continue on her own Journey to healing and health in such an easy and comprehensive way. She is seeing permanent shifts take place as individuals begin to listen to their own systems and allow them to balance. 


Nancy is also very comfortable working with animals and has completed BodyTalk for Animals.  She feels that her  past work and involvement with horses gives her a special connection with the animal world and she values the honest and immediate feedback that she receives!

Nancy has experienced results from BodyTalk in her own health and that of her children and grandchildren. She has also had clients report many improvements to various troubling conditions. Several testimonials can be viewed on the IBA website, by clicking on the testimonial tab and searching for Ontario, Canada.


Her personal background includes a previous career in architecture, a Personal Hindsight Degree in Motherhood and a lifelong interest in riding horses and 12 years of dressage training. Her best gifts are her sense of humour, her openness and her compassion for those who have the courage to embark on their own Journeys to Wellness, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

As of March 2013, Nancy has completed all the requirements for her Advanced Certification in BodyTalk.

She has also done many of the Courses with the Founder, Dr. John Veltheim.


She  now provides only on-line or over the phone consultations. Please email for available appointment times.

Courses Completed in BT training:

BodyTalk: Fundamentals Parts 1 and 2  

Principles of Conscousness  


Macrocosmic BodyMind 

Matrix Dynamics  

BodyTalk for Animals

Mindscape Basic and Advanced

Lymphatic Drainage

Right Brain Practical

Orthopedic Evaluation
BodyTalk Access

PaRama 1 Theory and Practical

PaRama 2 Theory and  Practical

Advanced Modules Integration

Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers
Anatomy and Physiology- M1,2,3
Advanced Certification in BodyTalk

Pediatric Approaches




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