Yasushi Konta

Yasushi Konta



1-9-8-807 Ohjima
Tokyo, Tokyo 136-0072



Yasushi had been working as a personal trainer to train the athletes and the ordinary people since 2003 to 2010.  In 2006, he took kinesiology course on the Katalina Island near Los Angeles, CA.  He received the advanced certification in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) in January, 2008.  He has been studying different types of therapy in order to help people with the various levels of problems. 


Mean time, Yasushi met BodyTalk in the end of 2007 and immediately thought BodyTalk is so very comprehensive and can approach all the different levels of the human needs (body, mind, and spirit) with this system alone.  Therefore, Yasushi strongly felt that his journey of seeking to “find the yet better therapy” has ended, and became CBP within the year in December 2008. 


He has been taking all the all class which have been offered in Japan, Module 1&2, 3, 4/7,5,6,8a,9,Mindscape,Mindscape for BodyTalkers,Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers,and Structural Integration for BodyTalk. 
Yasushi feels he can provide effective sessions especially for the athletes and the people with mental and spiritual level worries and problems.  After taking Module 3, “the consciousness module”, his own conscious made a huge change and that helped his atopic dermatitis a great deal. 


Yasushi believes that BodyTalk is to help people to live better life and it is beyond the frame of so called therapy work.  BodyTalk deals with the deepest level of human consciousness, and to deal with people knowing who they really are.  Many clients get released to be “free”, and there are people who gain back their own image of “who they want to be” in their childhood.


Yasushi opened his own BodyTalk clinic and became BodyTalk Access Trainer in 2010.
He has trained over 800 Access students in the last four years.

He became Adv.CBP in 2014.

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