Roudey Malvina

Ms. Roudey Malvina

Consultant Naturopathy, AdvMsc, CBP


Clinic or Remote sessions
FR, EN, SP available
French Riviera, Nice area, 06000



The concept of energy healing is simple: we are part of a complex energetic system in resonance with a global environment. 

Any imbalance creates an impact:  Like the drop of water's ripples.

Its effects can be felt throughout multi dimension, space and time. 

BTS is such an integrative healing modality bridging western medicine and alternative modalities that I have been practicing its techniques since I came across it whist living and coordinating humanitarian projects in challenged areas in South Africa from 2004. 


Working on my horses health was the starting point of my practice journey. 

I worked on grass root projects, coordinating and implementing workshops on self-awareness, self-confidence, and healing modalities in crisis challenged areas.  

To this day, I am very  privileged to be a direct witness of profound shifting experiences and results on health improvements on children, adults, animals, environments using these modalities combined with other modalities I trained in like : Adv Mindscape, TCM, Acupressure, Nutrition, FengShui, Metaphysics, Neuroplasticity, Mycotherapy, Astrology and the influence of planets on the living beings, Naturopatic health...

Over the years I have specialized in working with children with special needs, pre/post ops, animal behaviors, adults going through crisis & conflict resolution.

Though I choose to have a mobile practice, I am based in greater Nice area, in the South East of France at the moment. 
I look forward to hearing your story and sharing with you my passion for helping people find their path to the recovery they are looking to achieve.


Best way to contact me is by email roudeymalvina (@)

Zoom call can be arranged.


Wishing you fantastic day forward,



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