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Mrs. Vyara Bridgeman



BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic
18 Walmer Rd
Point Chevalier, Auckland
New Zealand

Phone: +64 21 53 12 17


I was in my 20's when I was diagnosed with Arthritis. Traditional Western medicine was helpless and I was miserable. This went on for 7 years until I discovered Ayurveda. My encounter with the Indian medical tradition and philosophy proved extremely helpful in dealing with the Arthritis. But more importantly, it provided me with experience which opened my eyes to the wisdom and knowledge that is within us, our Innate Wisdom. Coming from a strongly academic background in cognitive sciences and after 5 years of doing a PhD in formal linguistics, I was finally ready to step it up and start exploring the mind-matter connection on a very deep level.


I have since been immersed in information about energy medicine and quantum healing. I studied with Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Dr John Demartini. I read every book I could lay my hands on, and I went to every lecture I could possibly attend, in order to satisfy my quest for knowledge in this field.


One of those lectures turned out to be a major turning point in my life. After I heard Dr John Veltheim introduce the BodyTalk System, I immediately booked myself for a series of treatments. A few BodyTalk sessions later, I no longer had anaemia or back pain, my ability to concentrate and focus had improved tremendously, and I was a much more balanced and relaxed person.


I was so amazed by the changes I experienced that I decided to study BodyTalk. Eventually, I qualified as a Certified BodyTalk practitioner after scoring 100% on the qualifying exams. Two years later I became an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. Currently, I am a member of the International BodyTalk Association which gives me wonderful networking opportunities as well as access to continuous training and education. I have successfully completed all advanced BodyTalk modules as well as Advanced Module Integration, MindScape and BreakThrough. I have also completed 150 hours of Human Anatomy and Physiology university studies.


I am also trained as a Psych-K practitioner, which contributes in-depth knowledge and understanding about the workings of our subconscious programming.


In addition, I have undergone a process to become a Oneness Blessing Giver. The Oneness Blessing is a form of hands-on energy transfer that I offer both to my BodyTalk clients and other people who want to experience it. Scientific studies have shown that the Oneness Blessing promotes brain activity in the frontal and parietal cortex which correlates with a state of higher consciousness and awakening. Enhanced ability to self-heal follows.


To maximize my skills as a BodyTalk practitioner, I have also done a Vipassana meditation course. I now practice Vipassana meditation daily and find that very helpful in my BodyTalk sessions - it allows me to tune quickly into my clients and tap into their innate wisdom with ease.


I am eternally grateful to BodyTalk for helping resole my own challenges, and I am extremely passionate about seeing BodyTalk grow as number one health care modality in the world. I specialize in DISTANCE HEALING sessions, and I look forward to working with you and help you achieve the balance you deserve in your life!


What My Clients Say:


 I am already feeling benefits from the last BodyTalk treatment to do with alcohol and have no trouble keeping my resolve not to drink. Thank you, Vyara!



I went into my first BodyTalk session with problems I was both aware and unaware of. I was finding that I was unmotivated, and seemed to have low energy at the time. Also, my sex-drive was basically non-existent and I was particularly worried about this, being only 22. BodyTalk immediately fixed these blocks, and helped a lot with a duality complex I had within myself. Thanks, Vyara!

Victor, Auckland


My daughter had eczema for quite a while and it extended over a large part of her body. After I heard about BodyTalk, I went to the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic and received a few sessions myself, just to make sure it is safe and effective. The results were very convincing, so I booked my daughter for BodyTalk sessions as well. To my relief, in the course of 5 distant treatments over two and a half months, her eczema disappeared completely and has not reoccurred since!

Elizabeth, Auckland


At the start of my second BodyTalk session, Vyara asked me what changes I had noticed since my first session, two weeks before. Where to begin? The list goes on and on: Loss of shoulder pain, giving me ease of movement and no restriction (with no other treatment than the one BodyTalk session!); End of internal, energy draining conversations, so I now have a clear mind and a sense of mental quiet and relaxation; Elimination of lethargy and a sense of depression that I used to have; Gaining a sense of lightness in how I go through the day with more positivity and enjoyment; No more ‘sleep’ fatigue, so I now wake up refreshed and with energy, looking forward to the day; Easing of throat restriction making it easy for me to swallow food once again, rather than food sticking in my throat regardless of how well chewed it was; And on top of all that, I hadn’t had a corn chip in two weeks! Which was great, considering that before my BodyTalk session I addictively munched around 2 cereal bowls of corn chips a day!

Dougal Thompson, Auckland


My first BodyTalk session has had very pleasing results for me and I've been feeling so much more my old self these last two weeks. I'm a lot more relaxed and constructive in my mental attitude, and seem to be more easily able to tell myself to stop having negative thoughts when they do arrive. Physically I am glad to report improvement in bowel and fluid activities, my posture is straighter, my worrisome left foot much easier and less painful, asthma and sinus have been improved. I feel I've retained these improvements over the time since I saw you. Thanks, Vyara!

Jenny, Otaki


Before BodyTalk, getting my period was a time I looked to with bitterness. Whenever it came, I would get cramps and bloating and would feel weak. Sometimes I would even throw up, and would have to have a day off school. Then I started receiving BodyTalk. The problem with my period was treated and every time I got my period after that, it would hurt less and less. Then it just didn't hurt anymore and now I feel fine every time I get it. I am so very grateful for BodyTalk taking me 'out of my misery'.                      

Adi, Auckland



My son is 4 and 3/4 years old, he is a bit of a sensitive little man and has become quite scared of things, could be anything. 3 weeks ago we took his dummy off him and now he is even more scared of things, and is also having to learn how to go to sleep again which is proving quite difficult, then he gets very tired and the whole thing just goes around again. We don't seem to be able to take any steps forward with him. Hoping you can help.



Wow, thank you! My son went to bed just after the session and he got up only twice (normally he would get up 10 times). He didn't say he was scared or anything, he was quite different! The distance healing work is amazing! I didn't know much about that but tonight was very impressive, thanks again!

Nikki, Auckland


I was out playing a game when I suddenly injured my left leg. The pain was unbearable and I could hardly walk. That night I didn’t get much sleep and the following morning I arranged to have a BodyTalk session with Vyara. Since I couldn’t drive because of the injury, I received a distant session while lying comfortably at home. Immediately after the session, I felt big relief in my leg and the pain started to go away. I stopped limping and on the following day I could drive again. Thanks to BodyTalk, my recovery was remarkably quick and I am pleased I didn’t need to go to a hospital, or resort to any medication. I continue to receive BodyTalk sessions and have also introduced family members to this powerful healing modality.

Sharon, Auckland


Hi Vyara, thank you for doing this distant Access session for my 6 year old daughter! During the afternoon after the session she was full of energy, much more than normal, and a bit cheeky with it. But what really struck me was that she was more light-hearted and happier than she has been for a long time. When I took her to bed, she hugged me and said it was ok to kiss her (which it had not been for over a year). I held her and she looked at me so lovingly (as she also hasn't done for a while). I scratched the back of her knees a bit, but the energy felt less spiky than it did before, and she fell asleep by herself without scratching for the first time in a very long while. Her breathing is strong now, her lungs clear. Thank you!

Caroline, Auckland


After I received BodyTalk over a couple of months, my liver function improved dramatically, my menstrual cycle became regular and my emotional state was much more balanced. I was amazed at the results and naturally I wanted my whole family to try BodyTalk. My parents however live in Europe and there is no BodyTalk offered near their home. That’s why they agreed to receive distant healing BodyTalk sessions at the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic in New Zealand. Sceptical at first, my parents gradually began to recognize the benefits of BodyTalk through long-distance healing sessions. After a few weeks, my mum’s asthma cleared considerably and constipation was no longer a problem, whereas my dad could sleep throughout the night for the first time in years. Moreover, mum and dad report feeling much closer to each other and they have no doubt BodyTalk is “responsible” for that too, as it helped them let go of much of their emotional baggage. It is simply astonishing to see that BodyTalk works from a distance!



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