Kristin Pierce

Kristin Pierce

B.Sc.(Sp.Med.), RMT, BAT, MSI, CBP, AdvCBP


634 Thiessen Street

Warman, SK S0K4S2

Phone: 306-291-8552


Kristin Pierce is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, a Registered Massage Therapist, a BodyTalk Access Trainer, and a MindScape Instructor, and an award-winning children’s author. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania in 2008 while on a volleyball scholarship. Upon graduation, she worked as a physiotherapy assistant for a year while intensively completing all core and advanced BodyTalk training, along with her CBP designation in 2009. She added massage therapy and acupuncture to her resume in 2010 and achieved her Advanced CBP designation in 2011. In 2012, Kristin graduated as a BodyTalk Access Trainer and fulfilled her dream of becoming a MindScape Instructor in 2015.

In 2007, Kristin was introduced to BodyTalk when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 21. At first, she was somewhat hesitant to think that "BodyTalk" could actually make her "Body Talk." However, after her first couple sessions, she experienced profound emotional, physical, and mental healing and awareness that she could not deny were results of BodyTalk. She continued to receive BodyTalk sessions throughout her recovery from surgery and chemotherapy, which assisted in a speedy healing. During this time, she found BodyTalk to be extremely powerful in helping with pain management, stress relief, speeding recovery time, and reducing symptoms. BodyTalk was the missing piece of the puzzle when it came to Kristin's studies in Sports Medicine and overall health. After her dramatic experiences with BodyTalk, there was not a doubt in her mind about the healing power of this healthcare modality. Since overcoming her illness, BodyTalk has helped Kristin understand and unravel the messages from her bodymind.

Kristin has completed training in all of the core BodyTalk Modules (BodyTalk Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, and Matrix Dynamics), along with BodyTalk Access, Fundamentals Integration, Advanced Modules Integration, BodyTalk Orthopedic Evaluation. She has also studied the Life Science courses which include: MindScape, Advanced MindScape, BreakThrough 1, and FreeFall 1. Kristin has been so grateful to be able to train directly under Dr. John Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk, while attending BodyTalk Interactive and BodyTalk Direct. She enjoys taking courses to expand her range of knowledge to provide more in depth sessions for her clients.

It was Kristin’s dream to become a MindScape instructor since she first took the course in 2009. Kristin is wildly passionate about all things MindScape, and her emanating passion is palpable to her students as she teaches the class. She is still continually blown away by the infinite power and results of harnessing the full capabilities of the mind. Kristin leads by example, practices what she teaches, and enjoys (un)learning alongside her students. Using MindScape, she enjoys exploring her creativity, being playful and connected with her children, opening her mind, growing her businesses with alignment, and unraveling the layers of her personal onion. By using the techniques of MindScape, Kristin was able to unpack a lifetime of limiting beliefs about her lack of creativity, which allowed her to begin sharing self-awareness through writing and self-publishing children's books. Visit to discover Kristin's books. Learn more about MindScape at

At Inner Compass Academy, Kristin inspires her clients and students to learn to listen to, understand, and honour the messages from their bodies, shift their perspectives, open their minds, and become their own conscious change makers by connecting with their most valuable asset: their Inner Compass. Kristin enjoys working with clients and students at all stages and of all ages, but specializes in working with children, soulful entrepreneurs, and those desperate for relief/change (because she was there, too). Kristin has seen incredible healing via distance sessions and especially recommends distance sessions for babies and young children. Visit to learn more.

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