Luisa Jaromila Quintavalle

Luisa Jaromila Quintavalle



Milano, 20100

Phone: +39 333 9545822


» In Italian

Keen to travels, art, nature and adventure I found in BodyTalk an empowering, precious tool for healing and self-discovery, never ceasing to be mesmerized by the grace of its formulas and the vastness of its implications.


An artist and a film-maker, with a PhD in Philosophy, I have for a long time felt the need for an alternative collective mind-set that would allow a different mutual understanding of life and of each other. Healing us. Shaking our foundations, our modalities of perception. Linking poetry and science.


Deeply unsatisfied with the world's unbalanced cultural and ecological conditions, lead by some physical restrictions and a genuine spirit of research, I discovered BodyTalk in New York, where I certified in July 2009, with Karen Atkins. 

Back to Italy, I'm practicing in person and remotely. Which happened naturally and spontaneously in response to my clients needs. 


I welcome people of all ages, women during pregnancy, babies and children.


Italo-Czech, I speak fluently Italian, English, French, Spanish and do value a high quality communication, aware of its nuances and impact.


I've seen personally and through my clients, how effectively BodyTalk heals and empowers the person physically and spiritually. Allowing to access one's deepest resources, the knowledge of the heart, the connection with its innate wisdom.


Breaking the body-mind free from automatic response and pre-defined formats: a highly needed liberating process leading to a healthy life, for us and for the planet, creating the ground for a long awaited and complete shift of consciousness. 


I feel rewarded practicing BodyTalk, with joy and satisfaction, to the greatest number of people, groups, relations and structures both into the natural and the cultural domain.


My deep gratitude to John Veltheim and the whole team for the difference we can all make in the world!


My BodyTalk training includes:

*BodyTalk: Access with Karen Atkins, New York, 2008

*BodyTalk (mod. 1,2): Fundamentals w/ Karen Atkins, New York, 2008 and 2009

*BodyTalk: Fundamental Integration w/ Karen Atkins, New York, 2009

*BodyTalk (mod. 3): Principles of Consciousness w/ Karen Atkins, New York, 2009 and Karen Best, Belgium 2014

*BodyTalk (mod. 4/7): Bio–Dynamics w/ Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, Rome 2011

*BodyTalk (mod. 6): Macrocosmic Body-Mind w/ Sylvia Muiznieks, UK, 2012

*BodyTalk (mod. 9): Matrixes Dynamics w/ Sylvia Muiznieks, UK, 2012 and Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, Amsterdam 2014

*BodyTalk Advanced Integration, BAI con Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, Copenhagen 2016

*Evolve Epigenetics, con Laura Stuve, Derby, UK, 2016

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