Karyn Geeza

Karyn Geeza

Healing Facilitator, CBP


The Karyng Link BodyTalk Clinic

Sudbury, ON

Phone: 705-677-8618


 “In the greater scheme of things I try to live a more principled life, being connected to and affiliated with things that ring true with the ‘me’ I am revealing as I journey through this lifetime.  It is not a journey without challenge but it is a fascinating one that, every day, gets me closer to living from my
authentic self.”

                                              Karyn Geeza


In 1996, Karyn Geeza’s was involved in a car accident.  And although not overly serious, she marks that incident as a turning point that ultimately led her to nutritional supplements, The BodyTalk System, and a new career path in complimentary health care.

Karyn passionately advocates for prevention and restoration using NATURAL means to achieve and sustain health and wellness out of her personal experience in resolving her health challenges using safe, effective, and non-invasive strategies that support and enhance her bodies ability to heal itself. Her experiential recovery from various injuries and suicidal depression has provided her with a unique first-hand understanding of the multiple facets of dis-ease and the inherent role emotions and beliefs play in pain and suffering. Amazed and intrigued by her experience with this new paradigm in healing that effectively addressed the source of her health and wellness challenges, Karyn continued her BodyTalk studies, aced her certification exams and in January of 2007, at the urging of her doctor, opened a practice in Sudbury, Ontario called The Karyng Link BodyTalk Clinic.

Of paramount importance to Karyn is the creation of  a safe space where she nurtures caring relationships with her clients anchored in comfort, efficiency, sound work ethics, and customer service. Whether they have a specific illness or concern, or are simply feeling overwhelmed, stressed and off-balance, Karyn draws from her personal experience and diverse education and incorporates her training in a number healing techniques/modalities into The BodyTalk System to deliver a uniquely integrated healing system that effectively addresses her clients health and wellness challenges.  Karyn facilitates the achievement of her clients life aspirations and health and wellness goals on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level but providing insight, education, encouragement, and support to empower them to become active and efficacious participants in their life journey.  As a result, some of the benefits her clients have experienced include:  addressing the causal factors of overwhelm / stress that have anchored depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation;  elimination of symptoms of ulcerative colitis; hernia repair; relief from muscle spasms and pain in the lower back; relief of excruciating hip pain while awaiting hip replacement surgery; stabilization of blood pressure spikes; relief from repetitive occupational strain injuries; overcoming subconscious blocks to personal and professional advancement resulting in enhanced performance at work and in sports; elimination of heartburn; relief from painful menstrual cycles.  Karyn’s clients have repeatedly reported a sense of relaxation and an ability to handle daily stressors more effectively.  They also speak of an increase in energy and mental clarity during the day while experiencing a better, deeper sleep at night, giving them an overall sense of well-being.  Karyn honours her gift as a healing facilitator.  

Connect with Karyn Geeza at                                 The Karyng Link BodyTalk Clinic


                                   Sudbury, ON  P3E 2M3

                                   (705) 677– 8618 





Qualifying Training:


BodyTalk:                          Module 1 and 2

                                              Module 1 and 2 Advanced Practical

                                              Module 3      

                                              Module 4/7

                                              Module 6

                                              Module 8A – Animal Talk

                                              Module 9



                                              Orthopedic Evaluation

                                              Breakthrough I

                                              BodyTalk Access Technician

                                               Fast Aid


Other:                                 Pacific Institute: Investment                                In Excellence

-          Personal Development

-          Cognitive Behaviour

-          Behaviour Modification


                                                                            Dale Carnegie

-          Public Speaking

-          Stress Management

-          People Skills


                                                                            Facilitator Training I



-          Personal Development


                                                                            Post secondary studies in

                                                                            Commerce and Social Work


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