Yvonne Conroy

Mrs. Yvonne Conroy




Phone: + 44 (0)7931 718564


Before starting my family and becoming a fulltime mum, I was a Senior Manager for a Global Hospitality Company. Whilst pregnant with my second daughter I started having migraines.  For fourteen years I suffered up to four debilitating migraines each month.   A friend suggested that I try BodyTalk after she had had several sessions – what struck me most was her enthusiasm.   I was fed up with conventional medicines , often with powerful side effects and decided to try Bodytalk. 

 After only two sessions I noticed a huge difference and my migraines have all but stopped.  I occasionally still get migraines but they are now manageable and so less frequent.  

I was so pleased and intrigued at how well BodyTalk worked that I decided to book myself on the Bodytalk Fundamentals course.    Two years later I am now a Certified BodyTalk Practitionner.

BodyTalk Training to date:

Fundamentals, Principles of  Conscionsness, Biodynamics, Macrocosmis Bodymind, Lympathic Drainage & A&P, Mindscape, Advances Mindscape, Breakthrough 1 and I am covering Matrix Dynamics in November.


Please contact me on     07931 718 564

e-mail  ymconroy@aol.com

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