Shelley Poovey

Shelley Poovey

B.S. Psychology, RYT, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


41 Union Square West, Suite 636
New York, NY 10003

Phone: 917-362-2827


I can help you work with BodyTalk to heal and realize the positive change you desire!

I believe our body has an innate capacity to heal itself and that there is a higher wisdom at work inside each of us that guides our life path.


I enjoy seeing my clients heal and discover the joy of listening to their body. 

I love sharing my personal wellness story with others to inspire their own journey. I am a published author in an anthology called Heal Thy Self, which was an Amazon bestseller in spirituality and self help, among other categories. It was a lifelong dream fulfilled to write and share a very personal account of one of the most profound personal healing experiences I’ve ever had.

I own a wellness practice in Manhattan and offer in-person as well as distance sessions alongside many talented healers. BodyAttune is a vision I had for many years before it became a reality – of creating a space dedicated to helping you develop, understand, and appreciate an empowered and co-created relationship to health. At BodyAttune, we use established methods and tools that create awareness, develop intuition, and build self-confidence. The BodyAttune approach increases your body’s ability to manage stress, creating resilience on all these levels. As owner of BodyAttune, it is my commitment to cultivate a personalized experience that is both results-oriented and fun!

I am Advanced Certified, and PaRama Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. I have taken BodyEcology and Epigenetics specialized courses with Dr. Laura Stuve. I specialize in approaches using eastern medicine concepts, and have taken Eastern Medicine, Soul's Journey, and BioPhysical Mind with the founder, John Veltheim. 

I am a local coordinator for BodyTalk continuing education programs in New York City. If you would like to be informed of upcoming classes and events, please join the mailing list to receive periodic updates.

My work was presented at the IBA Member's conference in Malta, 2013. I was guest presenter at the IBA Instructor's Conference May 2014, discussing my experience using matrix dynamics to support the growth of a healthy local BodyTalk community. 


I am available for in-person sessions at my office in Manhattan, or for remote/distance sessions. You can book a session with me directly on my website

Client Testimonials

"I really don't have words for my gratitude and awe of the session Shelley so amazingly held space for yesterday. I am so very blessed she has the knowledge and background to go where it is needed. That session could have not been done by anyone else. I would not have healed in this way from anyone else, this is where I have been trying to go to heal." - Kamryn Casady, BodyAttune Client and The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness Participant.

"Shelley is an amazing practitioner and an amazing person. She's radically transformed some health issues in a few short distance sessions which I never would have been able to fix with diet or lifestyle measures alone. My histamine intolerance was so severe I would end up in bed all day if I ate fermented foods, and now it's almost entirely gone! This is something people usually live with for life and have to revolve their every action and food intake around." - Naomi, BodyAttune distance client

"Currently I am participating in one of Shelley's six-week group session series. The experience is extremely valuable. Shelley is highly qualified to go to new places with expertise and calm, attuned to your body's innate wisdom, the breadth of the BodyTalk System, and more. I highly recommend her, a recommendation I scrutinize carefully from 20 years of personal exploration with a range of practitioners." - Dennis B., BodyAttune client and The RHM: Journey Into Wholeness Participant

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