Sylvie d'Hondt

Sylvie d'Hondt

MSc, BAT, CBP, Parama BP


118 bd des Etats Unis

Le Vesinet, 78110

Phone: 01 30 53 00 32


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Sylvie holds a Master of Science from Stanford University (USA) and an Engineer degree (Master of Science) from Grenoble School of Engineering (INPG, France). She has worked in the computer industry for many years.

In 2001, tired of health problems, though skeptical, she consults an osteopath and a Chinese medicine practitioner. As her condition improves, Sylvie becomes open to these approaches. Still, she has no idea that one day she will quit her engineering career to becoming a practitioner.

In 2008, suffering from a violent sciatic attack for which chiropractic and acupuncture have no effect, she tries BodyTalk. After two treatments the sciatic is gone. 

When two weeks later her son, suffering excruciating pain from an infected root canal, heals in two BodyTalk sessions, Sylvie decides, in a plit second, to become a practitioner.

Sylvie became certified in 2010, certified to teach Access in 2015. She keeps deepening her understanding of the system 
and of the impact that consciousness, environment and life style have on well-being and health

She moved from California to France and is happy to develop BodyTalk in this country.

IBA & BodyTalk Education

BodyTalk Access
(Mod 1 & 2) Fundamentals 1 & 2, Fundamentals Integration
(Mod 3) Principles of Consciousness 
(Mod 3) Principles of Consciousness Study Group 
(Mod 4 & 7) Bio–Dynamics
(Mod 5) Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Consciousness
(Mod 6) Macroscopic BodyMind 
(Mod 8) BodyTalk for Animals
(Mod 9) Matrix Dynamics 
(BAI) Advanced Integration 
PaRama 1 & PaRama 1 Practical 
PaRama 2 
Body Chemistry Specifics
Chinese Medicine 
Eastern Medicine 
Finding Health 1 & 2
BreakThrough 1 & 2
FreeFall 1 & 2
Treatment Intensive
Structural Integration & 
Structural Integration Practical
BioPhysical Mind 
Practitioner reflex
Linking Awareness 1 & 2
Soul, Brain, Science & Philosophy
BodyTalk for Plants

IBA & BodyTalk Education : Master Classes

Mod 1 & 2 Study Group (John Veltheim)
Mod 3 Study Group (John Veltheim)
Mod 6 Study Group (Laura Stuve)
BodyEcology Master Group (Laura Stuve)
Epigenetics Master Group (Laura Stuve)

Non IBA Education

Anatomy & Physiology (Dr Michel Frey MD, FPESD)
San Baio (Dr Janet Galipo DOM, Dr Nancy Werner MD)
BioGeometry™ 1, 2 & 3
SourcePoint Therapy™ 1 & 2 (Bob Schrei, Donna Thomson)
Quality of life (Dr Søren Ventegodt MD)
Delegate Program (Nassim Haramein)
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