Vanessa Shand

Vanessa Shand

O.A.L.A.,, CBP


Toronto, ON


Vanessa is a graduate of Fine Arts and Horticulture from the University of Guelph and Niagara College, and is a member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. and Landscape Ontario.  She is a practising Landscape Architect, and partner in J. Garfield Thompson Landscape Ltd, and Water Arts Inc. She is a a fine Artist, Certified Bodytalk Practitioner and has studied Bodytalk Fundamentals 1 & 2, Principles of Consciousness, Mindscape, Bodytalk for Plants, Biodynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Systems, Parama I, and Advanced Biogeometry.

"The more I learn and work in the Bodytalk protocol the more I discover and appreciate the value there is for all of us working together for a greater sense of peace and health.  I began working with trees and plants and soon learned that humans must also be included within the sessions. The Nature World adapts and evolves together and so must we.  I am humbled to assist in working with clients and their properties to re-balance the Natural Environment and all the lives of those who live within that space.  I am witness to a whole new possibility for increased Well Being."

A successful landscape design has a Presence to it, or a feeling to it, that some describe as an experience of Stillness, or of Beauty. A garden design that allows for a sense of peace and harmony is possible through balancing all the elements and providing a healthy environment for all who live within the property.  This landscape design will always include the health and well being of humans and nature.  A whole new dimension for creating living spaces is unfolding as Vanessa employs the protocol and techniques that Bodytalk has for working with plants , people and the land.  The work she does includes balancing and harmonizing people and/or their properties.

"Working with Bodytalk has allowed me to see people consistently improve their quality of life and health."

The skills and talents as a Landscape Architect, Fine Artist, Horticulturist, Biogeometrist and the Bodytalk Modalities that she utilizes, have all come together and allow sessions with people and/or plants that are unique and offer possibilities for a more natural and hamonious way of living.  

If you wish to contact Vanessa Shand for an appointment or for more information please email her at:
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