Susan Stenson

Susan Stenson

Parama Practitioner, B.Ed, M.Ed,, CBP


6137 Pinnacle Road

Duncan, BC V9L 6X8

Phone: 250-597-8250


Susan opened BodyTalkVictoria Holistic Services 20 years ago!!!! 

She continues to be excited about this work having reached the Tipping Point: over 10, 000 hours of Bodytalk, she has a wait-list practice on Vancouver Island and worldwide via Skype. 

In May 2018 she moved to the Cowichan Valley, just 45 minutes north of  Victoria. She taught Bodytalk Access from 2006 to 2024, and has recently become a Parama practitioner and a Heli-Sol practitioner. 

Susan Stenson, Parama Practitioner, B.Ed, M.Ed. BAT      

"Trusted Care Since 2004"

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 250-597-8250

Susan Stenson is a compassionate, authentic BodyTalk practitioner who has been certified by the International Bodytalk System. With respect and love, Susan works with clients in a safe, non-invasive manner in her office on Pinnacle Road in the heart of Duncan, BC. 

Susan Stenson is also skilled in Reiki, counselling, Tai Chi, poetry, editing and writing. Susan is an expert at helping others get in touch with their body’s innate ability to heal.

By using the BodyTalk System, the priorities needed to enhance the communication in the client’s body/mind are discovered immediately through a simple process of neuro-muscular feedback. Once the priorities are put forth, Susan then taps into the body’s natural ability to heal.

Susan is known throughout Victoria for her teaching abilities. For over thirty years, Susan has taught students how to effectively listen to the inner wisdom that is within each and every one of us and use that wisdom to wake up and embrace the world: creatively, passionately, and lovingly through Tai Chi, counseling, literature and poetry. In 2011 Susan received a Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching. She is very proud of this award. 

Susan is a renowned Canadian poet and her works are available on 


·         For more information, to book an appointment or to request a BodyTalk video, call Susan directly at (250) 597-8250 or email 

Client Comments

Hi Susan,

Just finished doing some tapping... and thought I would send you the email I planned to send you over a month ago! Luckily I waited because now I have 2, not just 1 amazing "healings" to thank you for.

When I came in to see you about my very injured tailbone back in October, I thought you might be able to relieve some of the pain and hopefully make what felt like a swollen tail improve a little bit but... I seriously could not have predicted that I would awake the morning after the session with just a slight awareness that I even had a tailbone and then really I thought nothing of it for a few days because there was nothing to feel, the tailbone I had thought must have been broken from my fall down the stairs onto the cement below seemed to have miraculously healed.

 Unfortunately, there is some message the universe wants to tell me since right after my tail bone was cured I came down with bronchitis and viral induced asthma and after 3 weeks of coughing, puffers and antibiotics I came to see you. I seemed to be getting better but could still not shake the cough that I had been told might persist for weeks, I had my session with you and afterwards felt exhausted. I had a long sleep that night and woke up in the morning feeling still tired but the cough was gone.

 The past year of bodytalk sessions have shown me that I cannot always use my "rational" brain to make sense of things and that I need to keep up with bodytalk sessions. Every time I see you there is another shift and as I think I told you in session a friend of mine is convinced that bodytalk is making me look younger although I think maybe I just look more vibrant.

 Amanda T. Jan. 2013



During my second pregnancy I began to have a series of strange, severe and very annoying allergy and auto immune symptoms.  I had hoped that they would just go away after my son was born, but no luck.  Nine months later they were still going strong, and interfering with my day to day life.  I had been to many different practitioners with these symptoms, from conventional doctors telling me to just take a Benedryl a day for the rest of my life, to Chinese medicine practitioners giving me pills that tasted awful and didn't help, to several naturopaths giving me vague and only mildly helpful (and expensive) recommendations.  No one could put a finger on what was causing the problem.  I was frustrated!  I felt like I wanted to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.  I went looking on the internet under "allergy cure" and through a series of links I found Susan and BodyTalk, and I just had a really good feeling about it.  I contacted her and she saw me right away.  I had no idea what to expect during my session, but I was really excited to try something, anything that could possibly help. 


The BodyTalk process let my body set the agenda of the session, with Susan as the interpreter.  All of the issues and ideas that came up during the session were very relevant, some made sense right away, and others that needed some pondering made even more sense in retrospect.  Susan was very caring, enthusiastic and intuitive.  You can tell that she loves and believes in what she does.   It has been a week since that first session and while I am reluctant to shout "I’m cured"  from the rooftops (mostly because I'm superstitious)  I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms, and I seem to be getting better and better every day. (Knock on wood).  I look forward to my next session and I have been telling everyone I meet about Susan and BodyTalk.  I really believe that BodyTalk could help a lot of people out there!     


Miranda A.  May 2006

Hi Susan – Wow, I’ve had a few days of ‘pow!’ sorts of shifts since our session this week.

 You’ll recall you had a sense of me being wedged between my mom and my dad…and I’ve had a sense of something brewing with contrasting beliefs or desires – wanting to belong, but also wanting to be separate and so on.  A big area for the past several years – really ever since my dad died, has been around money. 

 Things haven’t gone the way I planned, or just haven’t come together, or have turned out to be total rip offs – just here there and everywhere, I seemed to have lost my ease around money and also with manifesting opportunities that really worked for me.  Lots of feeling like I have screwed up somehow, or have lost confidence in my own decisions…

 And then it hit me last night – my mom was the spender, the creative one – Dad was frugal, careful and desperate to be seen as successful.  I’ve always balanced any ‘mom’ tendencies by rationalizing my choices or decisions to my dad.  When he died – I had this constant worry that I would blow my inheritance (like Mom would have) – instead of using it wisely to make myself more secure (as Dad would have).  So there I am – wedged between the two of them.  And nothing left to do but manage my money the way I would – instead of either of them. It just came up in a wave of grief and upset last night – and I slept like a log for the first time in months. Katie. H. 2012

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