Elizabeth Weiner

Ms. Elizabeth Weiner

MS, Parama BP, CBP


Renewal Wellness Group
Brookhurst & Atlanta
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Phone: 949-864-6900


Holistic practitioner Elizabeth Weiner helps people of all ages find renewed hope and restore their health.  She powerfully combines innovative therapies with curiosity and true compassion.  Liz is passionate about creating better health naturally and supporting mental wellness with mind-body healing.  She is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and uses the BodyTalk System, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) and other holistic techniques to get to the root causes of her clients’ most important concerns.

Liz is trained in BodyTalk Fundamentals, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, PaRama BodyTalk, MindScape and BodyTalk Access, and other healing systems including Reiki, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) and Access Consciousness/Bars.

Liz offers healing sessions from her location in Huntington Beach, CA and by distance.

Reviews from Clients -

Family Healing

Body Talk with Liz Weiner has been amazing for my family. She came highly recommended from a friend, so I went to see her. I had some physical issues that she not only helped me with, but was able to resolve some emotional blocks that I didn't realize were affecting my life so dramatically. I brought my husband and 2 children to see her after that. Through Body Talk my whole family has been able to resolve issues they've been dealing with for years. Thanks, Liz! - Nicky, Irvine, CA



I really enjoyed working with Liz because she has high integrity and she is compassionate with her patients. After the bad car accident last July, I was feeling very anxious and shaky. I knew I needed to have a session of bodytalk therapy with her. After learning that my car was totaled and I wasn't in any shape to drive, she insisted to come to my home to give me the therapy. We had the session a few days after the car accident, and I was able to drive within a couple days. I was very impressed by the outcome and by how fast I saw the outcome. I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone that is interested in body talk therapy. – LG, Irvine, CA


Getting Unstuck

Liz is a wonderful healer who has helped me a great deal.  A gentle, intuitive practitioner of BodyTalk, Liz has helped me past a huge hurdle that I wasn't able to access with cognitive therapy, as 80-90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious, which is a huge component of Body Talk.  Highly recommended for those wanting to get "unstuck." – AH, Long Beach, CA


Dog Anxiety

Angie is neurotic she takes 2 anti-anxiety pills a day. 

Rejected for being too nice for a junk yard dog the transition to home life was rough. After 2 years of training most of her bad behavior stopped, she plays nicely with other dogs and likes sleeping in her cage, but she still was an escape artist. 

Raising the side fence two feet and replacing the side gate with a seven-foot solid wood gate failed to keep her in our yard. If she wanted out the front door and window sills turned into yummy treats. After a single Body Talk session, she's no longer chewing her way through the dog door and stopped jumping out the second story window. 

She's much calmer, restful, and at peace. – JR, Huntington Beach, CA

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