Taylor Wideman

Taylor Wideman

Certified pilates and yoga instructor, reiki, yuen, CBI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP


14825 Yellowhead Trail

Edmonton, AB T5C 4L5

Phone: 780-718-5540


Taylor Wideman, ,  certified yoga/meditation/Pilates instructor 

Hi and welcome to BodyTalk!  My name is Taylor Wideman.  I am widowed and have 3 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren.  I have been drawn to alternative health care for as long as I can remember.  I was married young and had my children, spending the first part of my life raising a family and taking personal group fitness training courses.  At age 29 I realized my dream by opening a fitness club.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  I was soon drawn to take a course in Electrical Balance Analysis, which is a system using the Body's energy to determine the underlying causes of personal health issues.  This system was great but it still didn't address one of the most integral parts of health care....Emotional and Spiritual health. I was searching for a way to help people heal at a deeper level.  BODYTALK appeared in my life. The Bodytalk System has influenced profound changes in my own personal health and in the health of my clients at all levels.  It has completed my search for a complete health care system.  It works beautifully with all other health care models. I now can assist my clients in achieving optimum health, whether it  be through physical exercise using Pilates/yoga/weight training classes, Bodytalk or EBA.  I am sure to be able to assist you in your own healing quest. I am a Bodytalk instructor and  I have completed Modules 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,  Animal talk,  Prama Unit 1.    My clinic is located in Edmonton . Please call any time with any questions or to book a session. 

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