Suryo Linda Gardner

Ms. Suryo Linda Gardner



4301 San Pedro Dr NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Phone: 206- 251-0621


Suryo Gardner, MA, LMP, CBI; ADV. CBP. and Trainer of Access Trainers

  • Suryo is proud to be an Advanced Certified Practitioner and Instructor and founding member of the Washington BodyTalk Association and BodyTalk New Mexico. 

  • Suryo is passionate about getting students and clients to navigate deep into the realms of their "beingness" bringing more authenticity to themselves, their families and the world.

  • "I came across BodyTalk in 1999 while trying to integrate the work I did with the body and the work I did with the mind. I knew there was no separation, but had no concrete idea as to how to do what intuitively was calling me to do. Then, I walked into my first class with Dr. John Veltheim and I saw that he brought all levels of consciousness; body, mind together into one system! 

  • My trainings in the U.S. in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Accupressure and Shiatsu came after years of living in Europe, Asia and Africa where I informally studied in China with Chinese Medicine doctors, Tai Qi and Qi Gong Masters and Healing Baba's and Mystics in India, Nepal and Africa.  At that time, I felt my "body" work would be confined to what we learned in the US; to treat the affected muscle or tendon or energy pattern. Yet I knew there was more to understand.

    My studies later took me to the level of human psychology, even though I had practiced intensive classical meditation in India and the U.S., I earned  a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, studied Process Oriented Psychology, Cognitive Therapy, Group Dynamics, Psychodrama, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming and Paradox Management. These studies were useful yet frustrating as I was not addressing the body, while working with the mind and vice versa.

    In 1999, it became obvious that Dr. Veltheim had integrated at a very deep level of consciousness, the workings of both the body and mind. The bridge between the two worlds that had seemed separate were now not only joined but intertwined. The training goes on with Dr. Veltheim as we discover and uncover the latest findings of Quantum Physics, and the ancient teachings of the mystics.

    Not only am I a teacher and practitioner of BodyTalk, but I am also a client of BodyTalk. Over the years, the limp I had coming from my right hip has disappeared. My blood sugar levels are normal, my sciatic pain is gone, my cholesterol levels remain good, my relationship to my life and work is positive and enthusiastic after having experienced profound personal loss and illness. I teach BodyTalk and use BodyTalk as a modality because it works!

    My trainings include:

    M.A. Clinical Psychology
    Licensed Massage Therapist; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu
    Certified Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner
    Certified BodyTalk Instructor
    Certified Trainer of BodyTalk ACCESS Trainers.
    Reiki Master Teacher
    Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Practitioner of Paradox Management
    PaRama College Studies
    Fourth Way School
    Tai Qi
    Qi Gong
    Martial Arts

    Suryo is a Psychotherapist, Energy Psychologist (EMT, etc.) , Paradox Management Facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified NLP Advanced Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.  Suryo is now an Advanced  BodyTalk Practitioner and Parama Practitioner and since 2004 BodyTalk Instructor and Trainer of BodyTalk Access Instructors.


I am delighted to offer BodyTalk sessions and BodyTalk trainings.  Contact me at or or 206-251-0621.  

What students say: 

  "Your experience in teaching shows! You are inspirational!" Thank you for sharing your wisdom! "Suryo, You fully embody BodyTalk"!.

" When I attended the Access training, I was shocked at how well the system worked when Suryo worked on me! I had suffered from pain in my gall bladder and T2 vertebrae in my neck for a number of years. I had never put this down to the timing of birth of my last child 7 1/2 years ago. Suryo found this to be the case and the timing of when the pains started was very much the same. She worked on these two issues and I have not felt even a twinge since. Now I am extremely keen to become a practitioner myself!"

" After your class, I practiced BodyTalk on mysef.  My allergies have gone. My migraines have disappeared, as well as my foot pain". Wow!"

"Suryo is an inspiring and incisive teacher"." I love your relaxed yet professional teaching style; addressing all learning systems."

"Thank you for opening me to universes within universes; within the BodyTalk world"!

"Finally you have provided the missing link in health care with BodyTalk System, thank you!"

"Learning with you is Fun! Sometimes your teaching is just brilliant"!

"Thank you Suryo for a life changing experience" Wow!

What clients say either in clinic or distant sessions:

"Before BodyTalk, I experienced extreme mood swings, confusion, indecision and hypoglycemia. After the first treatment, I have no symptoms. My relationship is also better with a partner who now opens ups to me". 42 year old woman.

"All of my concussion symptoms/pains and muscle aches are gone" H.A. NFL Position:  "Running Safety"

"Before I met BodyTalk, people recognized me by my chronic cough. I also had severe allergies and bronchitis and had to use an inhaler". The cough is gone and so are the medications! Thank you! 55 year old female athlete and CEO.

"I love BodyTalk. It makes me happy!" 7 year old boy treated for constipation.

"My scoliosis and back pain has dramatically changed. Now my whole life has changed! Thank you Suryo." 28 year old male

To learn more about BodyTalk, please contact me at the following:  and/or  


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