Elaine Nivison

Elaine Nivison

Retired: Reg Nurse, Midwife, Child Health; Reiki,, CBP



Remote / Distant Sessions, QLD

Phone: 0438 382 829


Body Talk Biography

I first experienced BodyTalk in ‘2000’, ever amazed at what the body ‘deals with’, during a session.


Utilizing your own body to improve your health is incredibly amazing! The BodyTalk System uses your own ‘body’ to determine how you can be best helped - overall: physically, mentally and emotionally! Being able to check with your body what ‘it’ needs, to me, is one of the most amazing features and there are so many more!


Initially I went to a BodyTalk Therapist because of an acute back problem in 1999. The doctor (whom I respected,) said: ‘It was the type of condition that responded well to an operation!’ I decided there would be other options explored before that happened!

Thanks to BodyTalk that is no longer a prospect!


I have worked as a registered nurse for over 20 years in both Adult and Child Health community setting, I see the many areas BodyTalk could do so much to help the families I work with, particularly the children.


I believe there is a growing awareness among the community, of the need for greater balance between Western Medical practice & safe complimentary therapies. BodyTalk is a truly holistic therapy that improves health and life quality, from babies to the elderly. BodyTalk is also very effective in improving health, coordination & performance (drug free) for athletes/performers of all ages or any discipline. BodyTalk does not need to ‘wait’ for symptoms to present or occur, it improves your current health and, potentially ‘prevents’ other problems from developing.


Due to my positive experiences gained through BodyTalk sessions, for my family & myself, I became a Certified Body Talk Practitioner (CBP) in 2004.


BodyTalk Modules completed:

BodyTak Fundamentals; Principles of Consciousness; Bio-dynamics; Macrocosmic BodyMind; BodyTalk for Animals; Matrix Dynamics; Advanced BodyTalk Integration; Orthopaedic Evaluation; Mindscape; Right Brain; Finding Health 1; BodyTalk Access (and others)


My goal is to provide families with an opportunity to experience this simple AND incredibly effective health system! Now there is also a tool you can learn which will enhance health and wellbeing, even more quickly.


I look forward to being able to help you and your family via remote (or distant) sessions.

To experience positive change & commitment to maintenance overall health and wellbeing and that of your family, take the opportunity to experience this incredible, holistic complimentary therapy. 


Call now for an appointment :       


M:          0438 382 829 

E:           bodytalknaturally@bigpond.com

Remote Sessions via skype or Zoom


Client feedback      


“I think I was beginning to be classed as a ‘hypochondriac’ (by my mother, if not my BT therapist) because after most touch footy games I was ‘needing’ BodyTalk!

During one session, it was determined the flavouring in ‘1 minute noodles’ was creating a ‘weakening’ effect on my muscles. I ate noodles each Friday night (a ‘light filler’), prior to touch football matches.

I have had no further issues. It is so amazing”



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