Karen Quek

Ms. Karen Quek

PaRama BP , BT for Animals , Animal Communicator, CBP


Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore
248 Jalan Besar
Singapore, Singapore 208921

Phone: +65 9679 6914


Karen's journey with the animals started coming to light from the point she met a very special cat of hers, SaSa, since 2004 . 

She has then worked as a Professional Senior Veterinary Nurse from March 2010 till March 2016, in one of the Animal Hospital  (ARVRC) , with Dr Jean Paul Ly , in Singapore. 

Given her opportunity to work alongside with one of the well-known top surgeon who has 40 over years of experience as his personal nurse in which she has assisted in major surgeries both in Singapore and overseas , handling and nursing critically ill patients in the hospital , it greatly opened her opportunities to see and explore another world of the animal kingdom , not only the verbal communication , but non-verbal communication and connecting to their healing abilities and hearing their voices from within . 

Karen is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Bodytalk Practitioner for Animals since March 2013 , and later in 2015 as a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner . She in cooperates Animal Communication in her sessions with the animals and has been working closely with the Animal Kingdom since then . 

She understands how BodyTalk sessions for Animals greatly improve the relationship between owners and them , as well as the greater role for them coming into our lifes . Working alongside with critically ill animals in the previous hospital has greatly deepen her connection with them in relation to how important self-healing is , and in BodyTalk , we are here for them ,  to faciliate and observe this process . It helps the animals and owners connecting another great leap or phrase of life , not only physical life and death transition work , but as well as transition in in different aspects of our daily lives that does affects us in terms of general health , emotions , body functions , stress threshold . It plays a very important part of our coping mechanism that needs to adapt and adjust accordingly . 

She has been doing continuous studies in Bodytalk and other related modules as per stated below . Her physic abilities is bringing her to higher understanding from multi-dimensional livings of the Universe . It is indeed beautiful to witness great relationships and understandings between all beings on different levels of consciousness and living in harmony as a WHOLE . She works very closely with the Earthlings and beings of the Universe .  

She is the Co-founder/Director & Principal of Animal Rehabiliation Practitioner of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore , trained from University of Tennesse in US and Greyfriars UK . Pior to setting up her own practice , she had worked as Chief Rehab Therapist in another Rehab centre in SG for almost 3 years . She  also provide BodyTalk sessions and Animal Communication for all Animals . 
Indulge your journey with Karen ,  together with her Universal love & passion for all the beings that has every rights to be on Earth and honouring the whole Universe . She is all ready to walk with you on bridges that connects to all .  

- BodyTalk Access 
- BodyTalk Access for Animals 
- BodyTalk Fundamentals, Module 1 & 2 
- BodyTalk Fundamentals Extension 
- Bodytalk Advance Protocol 
- BodyTalk Principle of Consciousness, Module 3 
- BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics, Module 4(7)
- BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage , Module 5 
- BodyTalk Marcocosmic BodyMind , Module 6 
- BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics , Module 9
- BodyTalk for Animals, Module 8(A)  
- Eastern Medicine 
- Mindscape I 
- Advance Mindscape
- Finding Health 1
- PaRama Unit 1 DBD
- PaRama Unit 1 Practical
- PaRama Unit 2 DVD 
- Linking Awareness
- Linking Awareness Level 3 
- Animal Communication ( Basic , Intermediate , Advance ) 
- Tellington Touch 
- Kundalini Reiki I , II  
- Shamanism journey 
- Canine Rehabilitaion Training Cert I, II, III, IV, V
- Certified Hydrotherapist training for Small Animals 
- Neuro-MyoFascial Release for Animals 
- Low Stress Handling for Animals 

- Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 
- Certified BodyTalk Practitioner for Animals 
- PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner 
- Animal Communicator 
- Principal Animal Rehabilitation Practitioner (Trained from University of Tennesse) of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore
- Certified Hydrotherapist for Small Animals (Greyfrairs) of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore 
- Co-founder/Director of Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness Singapore 
- Neuro-Myofascial Release for Animals (Holistic Animal Studies by Angel's Animals LLC)  
- Low Stress Handling for Animals 

+65 96796914 
+65 81885272 

~ Walk with the Earth , Magic of the Universe ~ 

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