Rhonda Lynn Donovan

Mrs. Rhonda Lynn Donovan

300 hour YYT, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch, CBP


Sunset Square
Cochrane, AB T4C 0E7



Rhonda Donovan

CBP, 300 hour YYT, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch

 When I was in my youth my Grandmother introduced me to the science of Astrology. I discovered that the energy of the planets and their positions in the sky influence our energy bodies.  For example, moon influences our emotions.

 When I was 14 years old, I had the good fortune of meeting a Monk. He was a special guest at our local community Boys and Girls Club. He spoke of steps on how to quiet the mind and led us, confused teenagers through a guided meditation. This amazing moment in time piqued my curiosity.  I needed to know and understand more. I had so many questions.


With “Moon in Gemini” (the need to gather information) I began my search. First through books and anyone around who was willing to answer my deep questions.

Later I indulged myself in numerous courses including Meditation, Astrology, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Reflexology.


In the late 1990’s I was introduced to a leading edge healing system called Bodytalk and was captivated by it immediately.  Just before  hearing about Bodytalk I had slipped on some ice and injured my knee. A friend suggested I try a Bodytalk healing session.  I was astonished to find when I hopped off the practitioner’s table that I could walk normally and the pain was completely gone. I expected the pain to return after a time, but it never did. I left her office giddy with excitement at this amazing, life-changing experience, and burning with curiosity to find out more about it.


A few months later I enrolled in the "Fundamentals of Bodytalk" program, and diligently practiced on anyone who was willing to try it out.

Some time afterward, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.... With this shocking and upsetting news, my focus shifted to my beloved father. I did my best to do what I could for him, utilizing the principles and skills I had learned studying Bodytalk. In the end, my dad lost the battle against cancer.  He was 72 and told me he had a great life. In his final months and weeks of life, my family and I witness a profound shift in his consciousness and what might be described as a spiritual awakening. We watched him disembark from this world with grace, love and bravery. Through my dad and I's mutual experience through Bodytalk, our bond deepened and what would have normally been outside my Dad's confort zone helped him to expand his consciousness and understanding of the fact that life is a continuum and that there is so much more beyond our physical bodies and death. I continue today, to feel a deep respect for Dr. John Veltheim for developing this amazing modality "Bodytalk" that has helped so many on so many different levels!

In my quest for the answers to the meaning of life, I am inspired by what I have found thus far. I believe that there is no end to one's learning and expansion. I give thanks to the many teachers whom have crossed my path and inspired, assisted and (seemingly) magically helped me to heal.


Over the past 3 years and I have taken multiple advanced Bodytalk courses, and continue to develop my knowledge and hone my skills. Through my training I have worked one-on-one with individuals seeking relief from pain, injuries, emotional distress and other mental/emotional and physical conditions. I continue to be astonished amazed at the wonderful, transformative power of this practice, and the results people have during and following the sessions. Time and time again, I am privileged to be witness of the profound workings - on all levels of the human being - of Bodytalk.


So with Sun in Leo, it’s with great enthusiasm,  and zest for life,  that I look forward to assisting you in your need to know, heal, and to find purpose in all that you are and all that you do.


I look forward to meeting you! 


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