Sonia Mcintosh

Sonia Mcintosh



91 Brighton road
Melbourne, VIC 3184

Phone: 0425408494


I have had a passion for everything that I believe to be created. The human body with all its intricacies and its ability to heal itself has always attracted me to want to know more, so from the time I had my first child 26 years ago my search began as I wanted to provide the best that nature could offer so as I could have a healthy happy child.

I began by reading everything I could get my hands on and practicing it on a daily basis. As I began to change my life not only was I experiencing better health myself but I could tell my children were also reaping all the benefits. Diet, exercise in the outdoors, love and a good home environment were enriching our lives.

I felt that although we were eating well and exercised and practiced a holistic way of life it was not until I discovered bodytalk that we were able to completely make the most of all the systems created within us, as we are now able to address all. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. To me this was the "missing link".

I found bodytalk by chance while I was holidaying in Bali and having a coconut drink at a local shop and picked up Johns' first book on bodytalk. I couldn't put it down and asked the shop keeper to copy it for me. By the time I got home from holidays I was already practicing it on all my family, even though in a very rustic manner. As soon as I got home I had a lot of sessions on myself and felt all the benefits and could sincerely see what a wonderful modality this is, I started to do the courses bodytalk offers and have loved each one as the more I learn the more amazed I am with what is the human body and all our connections not just within us but within the whole universe. Truly amazing... 

I took small courses and studied herbology and now have a small shop where we sell our organic blends and supplements and offer diet and lifestyle enhancing programs and advice on specific herbs to help with ailments.

I love helping others to help themselves and I am a true believer in self education and creating the life you want by not setting limits on yourself.

So please come and see me and let me spend time with you.
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