Anne Archer

Mrs. Anne Archer



Eastham Hall, 109 Eastham Village Road

Wirral, CH62 0AF



The IBA Courses taken :  

BodyTalk Access 
Fundamentals 1 and 2 
Fundamentals Integration
Advanced Protocol and Procedure
Mod 5 Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A & P
Mod 3 Principles of Consciousness
Evolve Epigenetics 
Mod 6 Macrocosmic Bodymind 
Body psychology : Introduction

Laura Stuve's Case Studies ( Brain )
Hormones and Neurotransmitters for Stress and Relaxation 
Hormones and Neurotransmitters for Weight and Metabolism  

I have also studied : 

Source Points Therapy Module 1
Source Points Therapy Module 2
Chinese Food Energetics
Child Brain Development ( Family Hope Centre Program) 
Bach flower Remedies
Homeopathy First Aid 
Jewellery Manufacture and Design

I discovered BodyTalk whilst searching for ways to help my eldest child who has complex physical and developmental disabilities. I was convinced that her condition could improve, rather than her symptoms just managed. 
At my daughter's first BodyTalk session the practitioner proceed to establish links that focused on her physical body, environmental factors impacting her health, including allergies and toxins, and unsynthesized memories and emotions. Following her session she was more focused, cooperative, relaxed and her sleep pattern improved.. After witnessing these positive changes in Helena, I also pursued BodyTalk for personal therapy in order to continue supporting her to the best of my ability. BodyTalk allowed me to overcome the emotional and physical demands of supporting my daughter, I now feel in control and have more energy, my neck and shoulder pain has now gone, I have a new found confidence which I love and I feel invigorated. The realisation that things could be different for Helena and I was enlightening.

Being able to help my clients overcome their challenges through BodyTalk, as my family and I have, is something I am truly passionate about. As my 10 year old son said  "life would have been very different if Helena wasn't disabled, we wouldn't eat nearly as healthily  and you wouldn't have learned BodyTalk, so really, she's been great for our family" 

If you would like to find out more and book an appointment
please contact me on 07807866096 or email


" Before my first BodyTalk session I had no expectations or preconceived ideas of what was involved, but was curious as to what this holistic treatment was all about. I lay on the couch and relaxed, the treatment was non-invasive. After the session had finished Anne discussed with me the areas observed that needed rebalancing. I was shocked at how accurate her findings were and what my body had revealed. When I woke the following morning I felt like something had been unblocked in my brain, I felt the most positive I have been in years. as if a weight had been lifted from me. I can cope with life's stresses and I feel positive and optimistic. I have more energy and have started drinking water again which I previously could not face.
My family have observed the changes in me and Anne is now working with my daughter who has severe learning disabilities. I would recommend anyone to try BodyTalk and would like to add that Anne is a professional, dedicated and passionate practitioner. I am so pleased and fortunate to have found her"

Clare, Wirral

BodyTalk can address a wide range of physical and emotional issues including;

Physical pain, epigenetic impacts, anxiety, depression, attention disorders, emotional or physical traumas, migraines, immune system, digestive and hormonal imbalances, allergies and intolerances, fears and phobias, the list goes on... 

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