Beverly Lutz - (Emeritus)

Beverly Lutz - (Emeritus)

MSc, BSc, RMT, SrCBI, CBI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP


3025 Patricia Landing SW

Calgary, AB T2T 6P5

Phone: 403-245-3175


Beverly Lutz, BSc., MSc., Sr. CBI, ParBP, CBP, LMT

Beverly has been a senior instructor with The BodyTalk System™ since 2003.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Science degree in Energy Medicine. Prior to BodyTalk, she had an active practice as a licensed Massage Therapist, a CranioSacral Therapist, and an Emotional-Release Therapist. The exciting clinical results and the philosophy of The BodyTalk System™ inspired her to pursue BodyTalk to the instructor level, and to practice the system fulltime as an instructor and practitioner.

Her academic background is in Human Genetics, in which she worked both in the clinical setting as well as in research. She is published in Physiology, and spent two years in Medical School.

Beverly's strong background in transpersonal psychology and emotional release therapy, combined with studies in the areas of intuition, cross-cultural shamanic studies and various other aspects including body work, combined to form the basis of her science degree in energy medicine. In these endeavors, and in her own healing work, Beverly has experienced a wide variety of wonderful teachers, each having gifted her with a unique piece to her tapestry. 

”As an instructor, I am thrilled with each class and for each student as I watch their awe and enthusiasm build, just as mine did when I was introduced to learning BodyTalk. Teaching this dynamic, comprehensive and highly effective wholistic health care system makes my work as an instructor very exciting! As a practitioner, and still after all these years of working with BodyTalk, I remain in that place of awe after each session."

Beverly currently teaches Modules 1 and 2, Advanced Practicals, Module 3 and Module 6. Beverly lives and has her practice in Calgary, Canada and she travels extensively teaching the BodyTalk System in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Latin America. In October of 2003 Beverly introduced BodyTalk to South Africa and spent the following four years building a strong foundation for BodyTalk there. 

Beverly completed all of her training in The BodyTalk System™ with the founder, Dr. John Veltheim. She has taken PaRama College Units One and Two, as well as Orthopedic Evaluation, Body Chemistry Specifics and Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers. 

Beverly is a member of the IBA, NHPC, ARMTS, IONS, ISSSEEM.

For information on seminars please check the Training Schedule. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read what several students have to say about their experience with Beverly.

To plan a seminar, to attend a seminar or to book an appointment, please contact Beverly via e-mail at Visit the website at

To reach Beverly personally call 403-245-3175.  The mailing address is:  3025 Patricia Landing S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2T 6P5

"Module 3 encompasses the essential consciousness foundations of BodyTalk & in it Beverly Lutz gave a masterclass in advancing my personal and spiritual growth.  Her gift of eloquence and wisdom woke me up to a deeper dimension of myself and reality.  Beverly coached us towards a greater awareness of the natural state of inner peace and harmony which rendered me blissfully silent for days afterwards!! My whole hearted recommendation of a magnificent teacher and such personally rewarding Module 3."
Majella Gallen - Ireland

Beverly's Module 3 class was such a wonderful experience.  She has the ability to present complex material in clear concise manner which was both challenging and thought provoking. It has really changed my perspective on life and my work. The weekend had amazing energy. I would encourage anyone to take this course. Thank you for such a valuable experience.   Phelim O'Neill Physiotherapist CBP N.Ireland 

Life changing !.....  that’s how I’d describe attending a course with Bev Lutz..  If you are wanting to be part of a learning and growth experience from someone who has allowed herself to explore the many facets and aspects of life’s journey and experiences, aspects that are not in text books but can only evolve by growth created on a personal level through a lifetime of learning, have that person integrate them, then bring them to class and share them, in such a way for the student to integrate in a few days what has taken a lifetime for that person to learn......then by attending a course with Bev Lutz you have the opportunity to do just that !
 Bev is a down to earth teacher....she manages to get to the heart of what the module/course is all about, sometimes in a manner that can’t help but extend you on a personal level, which offers the opportunity for you to reflect and shift your own patterns of behaviour and belief systems, that may be holding you back from reaching your own potentiality of beingness ...thus allowing you as a practitioner to go up that next level, which can then only be of benefit to your client and your business.  Bev brings understanding of how sessions unfold, by giving students practical, informative  and colourful session demonstrations in class thus allowing integration of the material in a more tangible fashion. Courses with Bev are not just learning of information and technique’s about deepening your understanding of why we are working with BodyTalk and what an amazing modality it is. 
With love and gratitude Jane Gruebner CBP, Access Trainer - New Zealand

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