Manuela Capursi

Mrs. Manuela Capursi



Westmorland and Hastings


Phone: (246) 256 7240


Manuela Capursi (Black) was born in Italy, the second of 4 children in a traditional Italian family.  She was raised, for the most part, in Germany and moved back to Italy at the age of 13.

Following the completion of her studies, Manuela utilised her qualifications and language skills by pursuing a career in the Banking Sector. She soon realised that this was not her calling, so with her business sense and love for people she successfully transitioned her career to tourism. In 1994, working for an Italian tour operator, she visited and eventually settled in Barbados, where she later became a language teacher and department head at a local college.

Throughout Manuela’s changing environments, there was always one ‘constant’ in her life: her interest in holistic therapies, spiritual development and human behaviour. This drive compelled her to explore more, and she began to engage herself in Yoga and Meditation, and in 1997, as a continuation of her journey, Manuela qualified as a Reiki II Practitioner in London, UK.

Despite Manuela’s dedicated pursuit for self-awareness and self-exploration, she struggled on and off with anxiety and depression.  This manifested itself physically in the form of digestive disorders, predominantly as the over production of yeast. In her determination to wean herself off the contraindicative traditional medication she was prescribed, she expanded her understanding of the many benefits of alternative healing by completing additional courses in Personal Development at the Option Institute in Massachusetts, USA.

It was through these forums that she discovered the concept of ones ‘Belief System’. But these complimentary practices and belief systems alone did not prove to be the pathway to her ‘ultimate’ cure.  While remaining faithful to her undertakings, it was clear that only parts were being satisfied: the WHOLE was not quite there yet! 

And then, whilst striving to adapt to a very strict diet for her candida symptoms, Manuela was introduced to a new concept: BodyTalk

In 2014 Manuela was referred to a BodyTalk practitioner. Following her first session she felt ‘light’, as if something had ‘shifted’. Her pathways were beginning to ‘open’ and she could physically feel her body realigning and repairing. After just a few more sessions she felt different: more calm, the anxiety had lifted, and the yeast was almost gone.

Her experience had such resonance, it inspired her to become qualified in the Practice.  Within a year, Manuela became an IBA certified BodyTalk Practitioner; she also completed, and continues to pursue, several other BodyTalk related courses. 

Manuela says of the practice of BodyTalk, “I am continuously amazed that something so simple can have such a deep effect, on so many levels and in such a gentle way – in such a short space of time.  BodyTalk enables us to discover the underlying, subconscious layers of un-wellness and imbalance within, and the practice is performed with integrity.  It is respectful and non-intrusive - it truly is the coolest thing on Earth!”

As well as finding personal fulfilment in the practice of BodyTalk, it is the ability to help guide the positive changes in her client’s lives that drives her motivation.  But BodyTalk also acts as her mirror; with each client she learns so much more about herself, with each session she gains personal growth.

Manuela is dedicated to your journey; she wants you to experience how she feels about this innovative practice: uplifted, yet relaxed and grounded; calm and insightful but moreover, intrigued to discover more.

Manuela Capursi practices from premises conveniently located on both the South and West Coast of the island.

Manuela is available for in-clinic or distance sessions and can be reached at:,

Courses taken:
Bodytalk Fundamentals (Mods 1&2)
Fundamentals Integration
Advanced Bodytalk Protocol and Procedures
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)
Bio Dynamics (Mod 4 (7))
Headaches and Migraines
Lymphatic Drainage and applied A&P (Mod.5)
Macrocosmic Bodymind (Mod. 6)
Matrix Dynamics (Mod. 9)
San Baio/Non-needle acupuncture points

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