Robin Chant

Ms. Robin Chant

BGS, Reiki Master, BF,Parama, CBI, BAT, CBP, AdvCBP


232 Crestmont Drive SW

Calgary, AB T3B 1G8

Phone: 1-403-471-7618


As a child in Canada, Robin Chant loved the challenges of the farming life.  She was especially devoted to asking the probing question, "Why?”  Years later the BodyTalk System clearly answered in deep and meaningful ways.


But first, as a young woman Robin became the first female fire fighter / paramedic in the city of Brandon, Manitoba. However, within five years her body and mind were overcome by the stresses of her job.  She was full of pain and anger. Looking for some relief, she booked a BodyTalk session with an amazing practitioner. Because of her positive experience, she was completely drawn into this incredible modality. She could not explain why a treatment could change her body and mind with such ease, so now she wanted to know, specifically… “How?”


The fire fighter became a student. Robin tore into BodyTalk Fundamentals and asked another question: “How will tapping the body aid in returning the body and mind back to balance, and thus heal?” Truthfully, a part of her did not believe that BodyTalk could work with such ease. She was a skeptic and a non-believer… but the more people she helped, the more she believed. Robin immediately started accepting clients. Within two years, she was booked solid, while still working full time at the fire hall. 


She was a full believer now, and she wanted to learn how to teach others to use this incredible modality! She wanted to spread the word about BodyTalk and its wonderful effects.


Robin had awakened on a deep level – in addition, the more she learned about helping others, the more she learned about herself. Today, as Robin continues to add more BT classes to her own personal education, she passes on more bits of knowledge to the students in her already-rich Fundamentals class curriculum.


Many of her students say, "Robin, you do not teach AT us; instead, you talk with us and help us learn at a deeper level."


A natural teacher, Robin forms a strong bond with each student and honors different learning styles. In addition, she packs her class with first-hand examples of how to apply techniques.  She loves to see how much students can grow and learn by just taking the BodyTalk Fundamentals class.


Robin has successfully taught BodyTalk Fundamentals in some of the larger cities in Canada and has travelled to Costa Rica to instruct two doctors in BodyTalk techniques.


Now, after teaching Fundamentals for quite a few years, Robin has expanded her reach into Principles of Consciousness, a highly beneficial class for all practitioners.


Principle of Consciousness (previously known as Module 3) is all about understanding the “big picture.” How does your client fit into this world? The class curriculum invites you to look at aspects of the formula, with special attention toward including the client in the discovery process.  Principles of Consciousness examines our limiting beliefs and how they strongly affect the client in day-to-day living.  This important class teaches the practitioner how to let go of limiting beliefs, and how to effectively share the good news with clients. The result is a fuller, more satisfying life for all.


Robin’s success in teaching online led to the publishing of a book, based on the concepts of Module 3: The Art of Choosing You (  The book is about choosing to be your best self, moving beyond judgment, and creating a more fulfilling life.


Robin loves to facilitate Principles of Consciousness because it is the one course that creates changes for everyone, each and every time they take it.


I invite you to choose a course with Robin Chant and expand what you can create with your clients.  

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