Louise Bleasdell

Louise Bleasdell



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Louise Bleasdell


‘’The BodyTalk System is able to determine what aspects of your bodymind complex is poorly linked and under communicating. By means of the Neuromuscular Biofeedback we are able to communicate, synchronize and “balance“ all disease.   “It is vital energy medicine for ones total well being.’’

Louise Bleasdell (Professional Bio)

I have a full time Bodytalk practice. I also treat clients abroad doing Bodytalk distant treatments.  The diverse areas of my experience contribute to empower me as a practitioner in my Bodytalk practice. Fortunately, the Bodytalk system protocol and procedure offers the means to integrate all of my diverse training into a holistic treatment which is based on tapping into the client’s innate wisdom. The body is capable of healing itself at a deep level.

I continue to be encouraged by my clients referrals and calls who call to say that they are amazed with their results –Having addressed some cases of Parkinson’s, depression, consciousness shifts, scars, belief system and emotional blocks .Results of a healthier daily outlook with a better state of mind and attitude have been some of the feedback.

I have completed BodyTalk: Fundamentals, BodyTalk:, Fundamentals Integration, Principles of Consciousness, Bio-Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, Applied Consciousness, Structural Integration, Anatomy and Physiology, Chinese Medicine and I am a Parama College Unit 1 student. I am looking forward to the exciting experience and new developments of my BodyTalk path and its mission. Also enjoy working as a Bach Flower practitioner. 

Dr. Janet Galipo has a non profit organization”Be Healthy Inc” As a board member for “Be Healthy Inc” together we work towards one of our passions., Community Outreach programs which includes Incentives of scholarship and the teaching of ther “Access Techniques Workshops” which will empower our low income communities here in Miami Dade and its communities.

As a BodyTalk coordinator and facilitator for the South Dade Area and its study group we just celebrated our second year at the Abundant Wellness Center at Palmetto Bay Professional Plaza. My determination for this study group is to give support and encouragement to those working towards CBP BodyTalk certification.


Louise Bleasdell (Personal Bio)

As a young girl I always had a seeking spirit for understanding how I could take care of my own health since I had many physical challenges; caring for my love ones and friends was a goal as well.  At four years old my family and I became students of Hatha Yoga meditation , working with the Kundalini energy , cleansing of the chakras was practiced and later on transcendental meditation , self regression hypnosis , self healing and energy channeling which has been of great benefit through my daily life.  At eleven I was relearning the use of my legs with yoga and massage therapy - also later on acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Always drawn to children less fortunate than myself, a tomboy not interested in dolls, I would find myself instead at the Montreal Children’s Hospital - visiting, talking and playing with the children who were terminally ill being there for them as they go in or out of surgery. By nine, I saw more suffering while touring and performing in South and Central America my heart opened seeing the street children   .  My mother saw my seeking spirit towards the importance of healing and always would say to me, study natural medicine become a Doctor, it's you.

As part of the performing arts I started performing professionally at age 15, a vocalist of Traditional and Brasilian Jazz. Hanging out and performing with many legends and touring internationally encouraged by my father and mother.

The Healing Arts and the Performing Arts to me go hand in hand. Its all interconnected and interrelated; the need to fuse one life with the universal truth, essence, rhythm, harmony and tuning into the innate wisdom inherent born in us all - practitioners and performers alike. The human consciousness and sub-consciousness is a very powerful link towards self healing and self enlightenment.

At eleven, my seeking spirit drew me to study with Claude Peters, a herbalist. He was known throughout Canada and the Caribbean for coming up with a cure for arthritis and many other major illnesses. I learned many herbal combinations and there values for dayly living. My many mentors  and teachers. I remember Mr. Lecock a 103 years old man a sage; I would bring his favorite cigars and just listen… to life times …;worlds of knowledge/wisdom/experiences , this has been my way -children have been my greatest area for learning in life , people in general teach me day by day on my journey while working on my human revolution. The mentor disciple relationship is of great value for me I realize.  I continued applying all that was passed on to me.  From eyewashes that quickly stopped my use of glasses at ten to my mother who regained her sight with a 50% chance clinical diagnosis of no sight.

Relearning and innately embracing combinations of aroma oils, tinctures, eliminating bronchial problems to making poultices for drawing out abscess under my mothers arm at 12. At 15 after coming out of a 3 day coma and my fourth experience with near death the practiced of yoga meditation ; self hypnosis became a major part of my self healing while relearning the use of my jaw and speech. My  healing included receiving a wave of awakening residue of visual psychic intuition with interpretation at age 11 this experience I realize is coming through my karmic path and was awakened through my practice of transcendental meditation and chanting.

Janet Galipo my mentor and great friend has worked on me with intention of the BodyTalk technique of brain repair her knowledge and wisdom continue to add to my total well being. I am doing things I never imagined doing But deeply fought for the opportunity to! Thanks to Janet, I am on the road once again to living with a good memory of mental health. 20 years ago I studied and practiced Homeopothy with Dr.Hotchner . I practice Reiki energy healing as part of all my energy work.

I have been a practitioner of Nichren Daishonin Buddhism for 26 years.

Where I continue to study and practice daily materials like “Illnesses of the Ninth consciousness” , “Turning Poison into Medicine” and experienced self-healing by overcoming a stroke with hearing loss, ulcers, cervical cancer that I overcame through my daily practice.

Becoming a BodyTalk Practitioner to me is the ultimate because one experiences actual proof in there total well being in prevention and in addressing the priority of illness or the dis-ease whether it is mental , physical ,emotional, spiritual , consciousness or just karmic.

A quote that says it all to me.

Its By : Thomas Alvin Edison

“The Doctor of the Future Will Give NO Medicine But Will Interest his Patients in the Care of the Human Frame in Diet, and in the Case and Prevention of Disease.”

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