Wenda Merz

Ms. Wenda Merz

P.T., CBP, CBP, Parama BP


7921 Kingswood Drive
Suite A2B
Citrus Heights, CA 95662

Phone: 916-988-2359


Wenda Merz is a physical therapist, certified Body Talk practitioner, registered Bowen therapist.  Since 1977, she has had a pediatric focus in the field of physical therapy.  Wenda has worked with many premature infants and children with various neurologic conditions, such as cerebral palsy.  She has also treated a variety of orthopedic conditions pediatric to adult, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic pain conditions.  Wenda’s belief in interconnectedness between physical health issues and mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness  led her to attain a Master Degree in counseling psychology.  This didn’t satisfy her desire to heal the “total body mind system,” and she searched for other methods in various areas.  In 2000, Wenda became acquainted with energy medicine and found this to be the missing link she had been searching for.  She became a Bowen therapist, Reiki Master and then finally in 2001 a Body Talk practitioner.  She feels the Body Talk System coordinates all of the systems of the body and allows the individual’s innate wisdom to take charge of its own healing, with the practitioner only being the facilitator of the body’s priorities.  Healing is directed back to the inner source of each  client and the individual is able to experience their own healing power from within.  


Wenda was fortunate to receive all advanced training under the Founder of the Body Talk System,  John Veltheim, and received all advanced training including in the Parama college.  Wenda is the owner of Progressive Therapy Clinic where she practices in Citrus Heights California, a suburb of Sacramento.  She works with both pediatric and adult clients.  Wenda has found Body Talk very effective in treating many conditions and welcomes any questions by email at ptcclinic@gmail.com or by phone at 916-988-2359.

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