Faye Murray

Faye Murray

BHs (OT), Reiki, CBP


40334 Roman Road
R R 1
Brucefield, ON N0M 1J0

Phone: 519-955-1763


Faye offers a healing centered approach to address health, wellness and trauma issues.  She is a practitioner with a heart of gold, and understands that relationship is key. Faye sees children through the lens of ability, which has been fostered through her 30 year Occupational Therapy career. She helps teach kids and parents how to self regulate for optimal wellness.  Faye focuses on an individual's ability to help themselves and be an agent in the creation of their own well-being.  Her Holistic approach realizes that the mind and body are one and looks to them both for healing and adaptive processes.  BodyTalk has become an integral part of her private practice focusing on improving one's performance and health.  

Through her advanced Brain Gym training, Faye also works with the primitive reflex patterns to assist children with their learning and performance challenges.  She was also the co-creator of Renewal Retreat, a retreat centre near Belgrave, Ontario, which is dedicated to continued learning, inner wisdom and living with purpose.

BodyTalk Courses Taken:

BodyTalk Access
Modules 1 and 2 = BodyTalk: Fundamentals

Module 3 = BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness
Modules 4/7 = BodyTalk: Bio–Dynamics
Module 6 =BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind
Module 9 = BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics

BodyTalk Interactive

Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers

BodyTalk Orthopedic Evaluation

Fascial Energetics 2

The Metaphysics of Treating

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