Angie Tourani

Mrs. Angie Tourani



Intigerated Medicine Institute
13 & 17 Fl, Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley St,
Central, Hong Kong , Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Phone: 25237121



          Advance Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner 

  Certified BodyTalk Instructor 

 MindScape Instructor 

Access Trainer 

Angie, mom of 2 children came across BodyTalk in search of alternative health care modality to help and raise her children with safe and side effect free health care system. She trained as BodyTalk Practitioner in South Africa in 2005. 

 Angie now specializes working with children and adults with learning problems, digestive issues and emotional problems.  

Angie has seen good results in her clients with allergies, intolerances, toxins and vaccination by using glass vials.

 Using MindScape techniques, Angie provides  distance treatments for her clients.


Angie has passion for teaching MindScape,  BodyTalk Fundamentals and Access Seminar to bring dynamic shift of awareness and knowledge for the participants.

Body Talk Access Seminar -  Simple self help program to look after your family health 

BodyTalk Fundamentals Seminar – The First Step to becoming WholeHealthcare Practitioner. 

MindScape Seminar -  a fun and natural way to increase mental abilities, discover your intuitive language and apply it in every day life.

BodyTalk Trainings Completed:

  • BodyTalk Fundamentals Seminar (Mod 1&2)
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals Intigeration
  • BodyTalk Principles of Conciousness (Mod 3)
  • BodyTalk Bio Dynamics ( Mod 4&7)
  • BodyTalk Macrocosmic Body Mind ( Mod 6)
  • BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics (Mod 9)
  • BodyTalk Advance Intigeration
  • Body Chemistry Specifics
  • BodyTalk Interactive
  • Founders Treatment Intensive
  • PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1 & 2
  • Finding Health 1 & 2
  • Breakthrough 1 & 2
  • MindScape
  • Advance MindScape
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Body Ecology
  • Eastern Medicine
  • BioPhysical Mind



Allergies I found the treatment with Angie to be gentle, relaxing and calming. Angie was very thorough and intuitive in her assessment. My issues were systemic and allergy related. After having taken antihistamine almost daily for several months it was a great relief to now that I rarely need to take them. I left each session feeling stronger, calmer, and more in control of myself. It has been a great benefit to me. Thank-you again Angie, and I look forward to seeing you again. 

Sensory Integration Disorder   I first approached Angie for  my 4yrs old  boy who has sensory integration disorder and language delay. He also displays social interaction problems, uncomfortableness with strangers, inability to carry out logical conversations, lacks the ability to predict, extreme tactile and sound sensitivity, hates changes and deviation from routine and order etc. 

For the first week after the first bodytalk session, we noticed a jump in his speech. He was willing to talk more, and the conversations made much more sense and they could even be recalls of things that happened earlier in the day. Over a few more sessions, my son was able to carry out a decent two-way conversations with us. He initiates the questions and has been more interactive since. He can use longer and fuller sentences. His logical thinking has significantly improved too, as well as his ability to explain himself or make predictions with reasons. Most of all, as a mother, I can just sense that my son is calmer and more in tune with his surroundings. We can simply feel that he is catching up with peers of same age, and doing it fast. He is also able to soothe himself much better and faster after a conflict situation or triggering event. His ability to exercise self control is much better. 

It's more than 6 months since we first saw Angie and everyone notice the significant improvements that my son has had. He is doing so well and he is fully participating in school. Thank you Angie!!


Bodytalk Fundamentals
I have always been interested in the body-mind connection and so was interested in learning about BodyTalk to help heal myself and my family naturally and holistically. The BodyTalk Fundamentals seminar was comprehensive and well-thought-out, and the materials are clearly explained, with critical procedures graphically documented in an easy-to-follow format. There was a good balance of theory and practise, and we covered a lot of material quickly and easily. I would recommend the seminar for anyone who is interested in learning about an easy, effective and safe healing technique. 



"My life has changed since I've trained with MindScape. For the most part of it, I'm stress free - wake up happy every single day (and sleep like a baby at nights ^_^). By using the techniques and letting go of anything that held me back before, I feel empowered and confident all the way around. My creativity is like limitless after each sessions. My life now is the happiest life I could ever imagine. Thank you Angie!"