Charlotte Nielsen

Charlotte Nielsen

CBI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


Distance sessions.
23 Trinity Court, Emmview Close
Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 3BR

Phone: 44 (0)7811 321582


When I first came across BodyTalk many years ago, I immediately knew I had found the comprehensive system I had been looking for, bringing knowledge and understandings from ancient traditional practices and modern science together.  I have been a part of the growth and expansion of BodyTalk for over two decades now.


I became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2001 and I am continuously inspired by this work, witnessing many people of all ages and walks of life, transforming their lives, each in their own individual ways; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


I am deeply grateful for the many ways BodyTalk has supported and helped me personally. As ongoing care and maintenance for my own physical, emotional and mental health. From pain relief to mental clarity and peace of mind. Often in ways I didn't think was possible, yet it was - and is - on an ongoing basis. For my career and the structured way to study many different fields of interest as one whole.  Being able to pass these understandings on, in my private practice and classes to support other people in improving their quality of life and health. 

I love the way the BodyTalk System is designed so anybody who wishes to, can do what I did, and start a new career and learn easy steps for personal health maintenance.


I have been teaching the philosophy and practical application of BodyTalk as a certified BodyTalk Access Trainer since 2007 and as a BodyTalk Fundamentals Instructor, graduating new Practitioners since 2008. I teach both in English and my native language Danish in several European countries.


IBA Qualifications


I have trained extensively within the BodyTalk curriculum, attending seminars and conferences in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Malta with a variety of international instructors, including many with the founder of BodyTalk  John Veltheim.

I continue to update and upgrade my work as a Practitioner and Instructor, hand in hand with my own continual personal growth.


·       BodyTalk Access (which I actively use almost daily for many years, as my favourite quick stress busting routine)

·       BodyTalk: Fundamentals

·       BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness

·       BodyTalk: Bio-Dynamics

·       BodyTalk: Lymphatic Drainage & Applied A&P

·       BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind

·       BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics (working with groups/networks)

-       BodyTalk Eastern Medicine

-       BodyEcology: The Human Microbiome & Immune System

-       Evolve Epigenetics in Health, Disease & Radical wellbeing

-       The Souls Journey: Exploring The Mind and The Three Brains

·       BodyTalk Access and Fundamentals for animals

·       Finding Health: Mapping the Healing Process 1&2

·       Family System Constellations for BodyTalkers

·       Orthopaedic Evaluation for BodyTalkers

·       PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1&2 (taking BodyTalk to the

        next level)

·       Mindscape & Advanced Mindscape (an excellent tool

        for practitioners offering sessions at a distance)

·       Breakthrough 1&2 (looking into the belief systems that

        underlie our overreactions in life, and the healing nature

        of conflict)

·       Freefall 1 (daring to live life fully beyond masks and comfort 


At the 2011 International IBA conference I received the award for the BodyTalk Access Trainer having taught the most students worldwide in the previous two years, and in 2013 the 'BodyTalk Access Trainer High Achiever' IBA award.

Practicing what I teach, by using the Access Routine in my day to day life and working with clients and students, is an invaluable teacher in itself.


Courses & Intro Talks

I warmly welcomes invitations to give an Introductory Talk  or teach an Access or BodyTalk Fundamentals class.



I grew up in Denmark but moved to the UK in the early 90’s.

After many years travelling the world with a busy job in the music industry, I felt overworked and burnt out, looking for new solutions and a complete change.

I trained in basic Systematic Kinesiology and a series of Donna Eden Energy Kinesiology workshops. It was here I heard about BodyTalk. I also trained in Usui Reiki 1&2. Everything I have studied and learned in different ways, can be accessed through the BodyTalk Protocol structure. It is one of the many comprehensive aspects I value so much about this system and the reason BodyTalk is the main focus of my work today.


Helping you look after yourself

I highly encourage you to explore how BodyTalk can help enhance your health and wellbeing.


Learn an easy 2 minute brain 're-set' balance right away:  Search You Tube for 'BodyTalk Cortices with Charlotte Nielsen', or just 'BodyTalk Cortices' to see many other 'how to' videos by my colleagues around the world.


Private Appointments

In person (limited availability):

BodyTalk at The Therapy Centre

6B Church Street

Reading RG1 2SB, UK

Distance/Remote Session using Zoom/WhatsApp or a Voice Recording. See booking link for all available times.

All details in one place:


Online booking

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