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Sherry Gilbert



BodyTalk with Sherry Gilbert
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Sherry has explored other modalities of healthcare to re-establish health within herself and has enjoyed the simple, non-invasive, very effective responses BodyTalk has given her.  Her personal health journey has been amazing with BodyTalk helping to address severe allergies, ovarian cysts and ovarian atrophy, back pain, restless sleep, relationships with family and friends and over all well being.  She has noticed incredible shifts in her family’s health as well from prescriptions in 2007 exceeding 20 down to 4 prescriptions in 2008!

Sherry and her husband have three terrific kids and together operate a cattle ranch.  BodyTalk for Animals is truly an asset to the ranch’s health care system.  The health of the herd animals has drastically improved, from being susceptible to several parasites, to completely eliminating the symptoms and greatly reduced death loss!  The cattle, horses, dogs, cats and bird have all reaped the benefits of BodyTalk for Animals and with their shifts, the family as a whole shifts.  Truly, Energy Medicine for Everyone!

Sherry has taken BodyTalk Interactive with the founder of The BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim.  Like humans, plants need to have improved communication and synchronization within their internal systems and their external environments.  When a plant is healthy, it is naturally more resistant to disease, drought and insect attacks.  PlantTalk has demonstrated amazing results in the health of trees and indoor plants, and has proven to increase yields in crops and gardens.  Sherry is very excited to see what happens with the yields on their family farm and also some house plants that have been very good sports in light of her prior ignorance!

Truly honored and privileged, Sherry has been called to the bedside of dying clients to have BodyTalk ease their discomfort, reduce their fears and bring about a calm, peaceful place to fully let go.  The loved ones around these clients have also reported similar experiences within themselves during the session.  Sherry has witnessed the same shifts with the animals she has worked with too.

Sherry graduated to instruct BodyTalk Access in May of 2009. She is so excited about bringing the power of health to everyone’s fingertips!  In just six hours anyone can learn 5 techniques that can be done in under 10 minutes a day and create astounding changes to personal health and enjoyment of life.  BodyTalk Access is healthcare accessible to everyone, young and old, in all lifestyles and occupations.  Book a class for your friends, family, co-workers, business, sports team, church group… you name it! 

BodyTalk Fundamentals is a great way to bring about personal healing as well as an opportunity to begin a career in this revolutionary health care system.  Sherry began instructing this four day course in October of 2012.  Students have remarked "I just took it because I take a lot of classes.  I never expected it to transform my life!"  If you would like to see a course in your area, Sherry is willing to travel :)  Call 1-306-295-3371 or email and take your health into your own hands! 

Sherry Gilbert is a Certified BodyTalk Instructor, BodyTalk Access Trainer, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a student of Parama BodyTalk.  She has completed BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals, Fundamentals Integration and all of the Advanced Modules of BodyTalk including BodyTalk for Animals.  Other additional training includes Anatomy & Physiology, Structural Integration, Eastern Medicine, Orthopedic Evaluation, BodyTalk Interactive, Finding Health 1 & 2, PaRama 1 & 2 Practical, Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk Practitioners and the Life Science courses – Mindscape, Advanced Mindscape, Breakthrough 1 & 2, Breakthrough Practical and Freefall 1 & 2. Having been taught by both John and Esther Veltheim, the founders of this great system, as well as several other Senior BodyTalk instructors, has brought great depth to her personal journey of healing as well as to her sessions!  Sherry is continues her studies with PaRama BodyTalk College.  Sherry is also a Reiki Master.

Her clinics cater to the rural area in southwest Saskatchewan.  Her home base clinic is in:

Shaunavon     162 3rd Ave E in the Post Office


Sherry does travel to Swift Current SK and Medicine Hat AB for regular monthly clinics as well.




  Phone: 306-295-3371

Distance sessions are also available.

Please email or call for appointments in a location convenient for you, and embark on your journey of wellness.

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