Ange Trenga-Anderson

Ange Trenga-Anderson

CBP-A, TTouch Pract 1, SrCBI, CBI, ATI, BAT, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


12 Carriage Way

Missoula, MT 15228

Phone: 503-381-1498


Senior BodyTalk for Animals Instructor 

Advanced BodyTalk Instructor

PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner

TTouch Practitioner, Health Educator, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Consultant 

Ange has over 20 years of experience in teaching and developing health and wellness education programs for humans and for animals.  With a lifelong love of animals, Ange began her formal education studying zoology, but pivoted to an interest in the interconnected nature of animals and humans.  She beagn studying human psychology and social health, earning a Sociology degree from Oregon State University.  

She then spent years working as a social service case manager and educator within non-profit social service organizations. Through these years she also began studying various forms of natural, holistic medicine for humans and for animals. She became a Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and an instructor of several courses within the International BodyTalk System including, BodyTalk Fundamentals and BodyTalk Access.  Ange also studied directly with Esther Veltheim, becoming a Certified BreakThrough Instructor.  With animals, she studied animal communication, animal behavior, animal training, and became a Tellington Touch practitioner.  

Within The BodyTalk System, Ange was interested in bringing her background in health, healing and interconnected relationships of human and animal to help develop an Animal Program for the IBA. She worked directly with Dr. John Veltheim to develop a unique approach for applying the principles of the BodyTalk System with animals.  Ange authored the BodyTalk for Animals and BodyTak Access for Animals manuals, and developed the course curriculum and approach that has been taught and practiced by the IBA for the last 15 years.  She has taught internationally and is currently the IBA’s Senior Instructor for Animals.  

Ange also developed her own holistic approach to prenatal education, and works for her local hospital’s maternity unit to delivery birth and infant care classes to the local prenatal community. 

Ange currently resides in Missoula, Montana with her husband Matt, and her 2 children Logan and Maya.  Her family loves all of the outdoor adventures and wildlife that Montana living brings.  With her life-long love for teaching and for working with people and animals, Ange brings depth and commitment to all of her classes, and truly strives to make every learning experience practical, inspiring, and fun!  

Testimonials from Students: 

"Ange presented the course in a dedicated, loving energy, I felt safe and encouraged.  I am totally in awe of this experience- I will never be the same, thank you so much."

"AnimalTalk was a delight! I am in awe of the effectiveness of the short distance sessions. We literally watched the animals we worked with shift in very positive ways right before our eyes. Even if at this time you don't foresee yourself working with animals a great deal, taking this course will deepen your respect for and understanding of The BodyTalk System. Ange is an incredible Instructor who will inspire and empower you to connect with these amazing beings." 

"The 8A training enhanced my understanding of working with animals and people, and it sharpened my client management skills. It was an amazing, deeply gratifying experience to learn and practice at the Oregon Humane Society, where the students were of service to approximately 300 shelter animals. Ange is one of the best BodyTalk Instructors with whom I have trained. She is a clear communicator with a thorough knowledge of the material, compassion for animals and humans alike, and an obvious love of the work. Many thanks!" 

“Ange’s course was well worth the 2 year wait! She is a dynamic instructor with great insight on dealing, in a professional manner, with animals, and possibly more importantly, with their owners. AnimalTalk is, however, so much more than the treatment of animals. My understanding and practical use of group dynamics is now considerably enhanced. Ange brings into her class a real depth of understanding, which assists the practitioner with personal development and growth. I now can’t imagine working with human clients without having gained the family and group perspectives which AnimalTalk offers. Above all, AnimalTalk was insightful, practical and lots of fun. It adds a new dimension to your personal growth and practice.” 

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